Unofficial Poll: Which Path Will You Choose?

  • Aeon
  • Angel
  • Azata
  • Demon
  • Gold Dragon
  • Lich
  • Swarm-That-Walks
  • Trickster
  • Legend

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Of the nine current paths for the character in Wrath of the Righteous which path is everyone most interested in playing?

Personally I’m interested in the Azata path simply because (as far as I know) it will be the right pick for the typical chaotic good type of character that I usually end up playing.

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Aeon, then Legend :smiley:

Most likely Aeon will be a Hell Knight. And Legend will be Cavalier or Oracle :slight_smile:

Ratfolk Blight Druid Swarm-That-Walks!

In the unlikely event either of the carnivoras win… well, there’s always Pitborn Tiefling Bloodrager Demon to doom the day.


Angel, then Trickster, then Legend :slight_smile:

Well for a druid only the Aeon makes sense.

The Swarm-That-Walks, would do, if it did not have drive to consume the world.

Legend, currently is too vague for me to even consider it.

For a non-druid, Lich seems a rather fun one to play too.

Gold Dragon>Lich>Trickster is what I have planned for my first three playthroughs

It’s really funny how Angel wins - over demon, lich and gold dragon.

Many players want to play “good” PC. Most games are created so that if choose “good” path and make “good” choices you get best rewards. In some games you even get best items (like Paladin only +5 holy sword looking for you Icewind Dale)

Allso before most games were created so that yes, you were able to choose any aligment but real choices were either “idiotic evil” or “chaotic bad” kind of choices where you randomly kill NPC or make many NPC’s hate you without getting anything or few coins from it OR you did not really had any choice, path you play were 100% same no matter your aligment.

1st : Gold Dragon
2nd :Aeon
3rd: Lich
4th: Legend

Demon on first play through. I want to see how Owlcat’s story and choice system adapts to a demon leading human armies against demons. :smiley:

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I want to play as LN\NG bard\skald, and i think that his path will be legend or azata. It’s that here only 1 chose.

For first play through Ancientborn Dhampyr Azata Cult Leader with Acolyte background.

Next playthrough either Demon or Swarm-That-Walks (I need to know more about them). Cavalier, Shaman or Oracle of some sort.

Then Hagbound Aasimar Angel, doing good deeds only and still end up evil by level 20 thanks to the Hagbound Capstone.

I’m curious how Hagbound interacts with Mythic Paths.

Anybody else find it weird that Demon is a Mythic Path? I mean, the players there to fight the demons and close the Worldwound, it seems counterintuitive. I would have thought a Devil-based Path would make more sense, thematically.

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Demons are chaotic, they often fighting agonist each other.

Sure, demons are chaotic, they fight amongst themselves all the time. That said, they all want the WorldWound open as a gateway to physically cross into the Prime Material Plane. The Player’s trying to stop that. Seems odd.

This is not a call to change the Path, by the way. The devs chose it, it’s probably be a massive pain to change it up, and I haven’t really got an interest in going evil anyway. It just seemed weird to me, is all.

Someone on Discord was posting “end card” like descriptions of what happens if the heroes fail a couple days ago. Perhaps by going the Demon Mythic Path you will effectively trigger some of these “failure” states intentionally but instead of it being a game over, you will have fulfilled your objective so you basically win?

I think (have not played the game yet obiously) that if you choose Demon path you try to beat “boss” demon and take his/her place. Not shut down the operation but become leader doing more or less same then before.

Because like you told it would be kind of odd if you would try to ally with humans and banish all demons away from Golarion and get what? Short time of they “thank you” notes and appreciation. I do not think so…

I’ll try them one by one. Character progression is the only reason I play these things =]

It will most probably change like 10 times between now and realease, but for now…

Monk Legend. You don’t need mythic when you follow the Path of perfection :smiley:

Aeon looks good for a druid, so probably that.