Unfortunately the time to uninstall has come

I’ve yet to be able to complete the game. This last character was my 5th start and I really thought I was finally going to get to experience the end of the game and all the content. I used the in-game respec option at the start of act two. I literally saved my game and went to bed right before what I assume has to be the start of act 4 last night. I could continue and HOPE something doesn’t pop up and break my game but I’m already seeing some strange behavior when I go to select my party and also when I enter conversations. So I’m screwed, my time was wasted again.

I assumed with your second release your fans and customers wouldn’t have to deal with a horde of game breaking issues again. I personally expected some kinks to workout and even told myself you’ll probably be forced to restart once or twice. This doesn’t seem to be the case however. Very disappointing to see. I have a very love/hate relationship with you. Why are you so abusive? I just want to love you and play your game but you wanna hurt me all the time.

At this point I wont burn myself out by playing the same 3 acts over and over and over while you attempt to fix the game. You win. You convinced me to pre-order again. Again you handed me a broken unplayable product. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me.

I’ll treat this like Kingmaker and forget it exists for a year and hopefully come back to an amazing playable game. Moving forward Owlcat does not get my money or my support until the product is finished and playable. It is the only option a consumer has even if it is meaningless in the end.


You have my sympathy. I too was afraid the history would repeat itself. Due to other obligations I cannot play much, but in Act 3 I already started noticing some problems - and as with Kingmaker I keep guessing, if such and such is a bug or a feature. I hope that they will manage to fix the game enough before I get to its end. I totally understand your decision, though.

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Never expect to get fully optimized and bug free game on launch. Most bugs ive encountered have been trivial and meaningless.


Definitely don’t expect optimized or bug free. But I do expect to be able to play the game until the end especially this being a second release using a familiar structure.

I’ll trade you my Class/Mythic and Party based bugs for the trivia and meaningless ones lol.

I’m half convinced my characters are too unique or different because I choose off the wall race/class and mythic paths and that is why I’ve run into some weird stuff.

They will fix it. They fixed Kingmaker and I’ve sunk an embarrassing amount of time into it. I’m just annoyed I have to wait AGAIN for WotR because I was nerdgasming all over about it since the day I heard it was being developed.


Ehh, even as a software developer and QA myself, I cannot agree with this sentiment. I mean you should expect some bugs, but not being able to complete the freaking game is a lot to ask.

It’s telling that the most problems occur in content that was not present in Alpha and Beta.


Just to complete my train of thought - what Owlcats should have done is release this game as open beta - perhaps with extra $10 discount - then it would have been less annoying and more ethical (though it would definitely hit them in the wallet). As it is - similarly to Cyberpunk 2077 - we are effectively playing open beta and testing this game for free.


I paid to test during alpha, I paid to test during beta, and now I’ve paid to test during release. I can honestly say that the number of bug reports I submit during a play session has not decreased. This feels like another version of beta. I finally stopped playing tonight, in chapter 3, when the game froze after leveling up Ember in Drezen. This is a new bug I’ve never seen before. Earlier tonight, I couldn’t defeat the purple worm for Sosiel’s quest, because it stayed underground. I checked online and other people are having the same problem. I checked my character sheet and things are not right. Two of my characters have 25 spell resistance, and one has 18 spell resistance, inexplicably. No equipment they are wearing or abilities they have are granting this. Some of my equipment bonuses are not showing up. Aspect of the Succubus is granting a +3 bonus to Use Magic Device when the text says it should be granting a bonus to Knowledge (World). Persuasion and Perception are showing the correct bonus. Multiple decrees in commander mode have “null” for the description. A quest says I should update the relic (I assume the banner) which is one of the first things I did in Chapter 3, but the quest is still showing that step is incomplete. When I teleported from Ten Thousand Delights back to Nocticula’s Palace I was confronted with a game over screen, “Your Party Has Died.”

These are only the major bugs I’ve encountered playing tonight. Every single day since release I submit multiple bug reports a play session. Three months ago I submitted feedback, “I don’t know how you guys are going to be ready in three months. There are still too many bugs.” Cyberpunk 2077 got a bad review, but it was mostly a smooth gaming experience for me. I can’t remember encountering any game stopping bugs. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous has a lot of potential, but needs a lot more beta testing and polish.


Many players have already finished the game, some even multiple times, I dont know how since Ive spent over 100 hours on it and not even half way yet.

And yet, here we are with multiple accounts of weird bugs, regression issues and new problems coming up as developers by patching one thing break the other. Just yesterday we had issues with one character not spawning correctly in a location which led to perma-block of the story. It’s now fixed, but another issue appeared - saves got corrupted for Mac users. Such fun!

My personal problem with that is that you never know if what you are experiencing is something normal or a bug. And it is a dangerous situation in a game when you invest time in side-content only to learn that something you did 30 hours before caused your progress to be perma-blocked.

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ALL players should have been able to finish the game. And yet we have multiple actually game-breaking bugs. I am switching my steam review to negative once I finish typing this up.

There are bugs in the game that date back to Kingmaker’s release.