Unfamiliar with Wrath, pathfinder and ips, could you talk to me about it

First of, recently finished Hospitaler paladin playthrough on story and easily my 2018 GOTY. I’m happy to see new game in this ruleset

I’m interested in few things:

what classes are confirmed for this one? Will there be more multiclass options?
how does this ip work? How will the game based on this ip look like, estimated, of course
what’s this new ip about?
turn based or real time without pause, what is more likely?

All the classes from Kingmaker have been confirmed for Wrath including prestige classes, and at least 2 more classes Oracle (sort of a divine spontaneous caster, Oracle:cleric = Sorcerer:Wizard), and Witch (a spontaneous spellcaster much like wizard) and the Hellknight prestige.

There’s been no word whether any archetypes will change or if that list for new classes will expand.

All of those are multiclassing options, but it also seems like they are implementing a new version of the Mythic rules wherein your mythic path is more like a unique gestalt multiclass. Lich, angel and Trickster were confirmed there, but we know there are more. Possibly a lot more.

The AP is based on an invasion by demons into Golarion. Also, the abyss is invading with the demons. I would say that some of the corruption stuff in beneath the stolen lands should be expected. Most of the AP will probably be outside some of it inside and some of it in the abyss itself.

The format of real time with pause or turn based, has not been confirmed, however since they are using a lot of the assets and structure from the previous game I would assume that we will at least have real time with pause.

Classes are Alchemist, Arcanist, Barbarian, Bard, Bloodrager, Cavalier, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Hunter, Inquisitor, Kinetist, Magus, Monk, Oracle, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Skald, Shaman, Slayer, Sorcerer, Warpriest, Witch, Wizard. 6 Archetypes each + there are 12 racial archetypes on top of that for (1 Base + 6 Archetypes) x 25 classes = 175 + 12 racial Archetypes for 187 Archetype/Base class opinion.

Yes multiclassing is in.

Races Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Half Orcs, Half Elves, Tieflings (with a ton of hertiages/subraces), Aasimar (alot of Subraces/Hertiages), Dhampirs (a fair amount if subraces/hertiages), Oreads (3 subrace/hertiages), and undecided Furry race (could be Kitsune, Catfolk, or Ratfolk, we will get a vote on it).

Its RTwP, but with a baked in Turn Base Mode.

IP (Setting) is still Golarion, but new location, the Demon Wound, a region with a big demon portal that has been ravaged by demon hordes, undead, cultists, ect…, but that is contained by wardstones from leaving the region. There is a crusade to beat back the demons. You are the Knight Commander of this Crusade. You gain mythic power and gain a Mythic Path out of nine choices, Angel, Aeon, Azata, Demon, Lich, Trickster (Fey), Swarm-That-Walks, Gold Dragon, and Mortal Legend.

Have you played any other AP? which one was most fun, which was most interesting?

I don’t play Pathfinder table top, everything I know, I know from the Kingmaker CRPGs, Wikis, or the SRD and a few Pathfinder novels I bought.

I’m traditional more into D&D 5e (Forgotten Realms fan from way back, but I like some other 5e settings too), or Chroncles of Darkness, especially Changeling the Lost and Geist: the Sin Eaters.

Just looked up arcanist, seems very similar to how 5e wizard casts spell. Is arcanist confirmed by the devs? Might be my main in new game(sorc is my current main in kingmaker)

yes it is, im excited to try it. sorc was my main too! hello sorc buddy!

So, along with everything that was in Kingmaker, the new confirmed classes are…

Oracle: Spontaneous Divine Spellcaster, I.e. the Sorcerer to the Cleric’s Wizard. Cha-based casting. Main features beyond spells are their Curse, a debilitation that comes with bonuses as the Oracle increases in level (for example, oracles woth the clouded vision curse can’t see beyond 30 feet, but have Darkvision for that range, and eventually get Darkvision up to 60 feet, Blindsense up to 30 and Blindsight up to 15), and Mystery, which is essentially their bloodline if we continue the Sorcerer comparison, each with a list of bonus spells and extra abilities (called Revelations) to earn.

Witch: Arcane Spellcaster with own spell list. Int based casting. Familiar mandatory for base class and most archetypes. Main unique feature are Hexes, most of which are spells that are normally limited by per-target rather than per-day (or to be more specific, per-target-per-day, but that will only come up with beneficial hexes) Witches also have a Patron, which adds additional spells to their list, but normally does not do anything else (emphasis on “normally,” as there are rules for special patrons that do add extra features or restrictions.)

Cavalier: Melee class, usually Strength based. Specializes in mounted combat (which has been added to Wrath in a stretch goal) but still has some tricks usable on foot. Challenges opponents for a damage boost, earns teamwork feats that they can grant to allies for a time, carries a banner they can buff everyone with, and joins an Order that augments their Challenge and grants additional abilities.

Arcanist: Wizard-Sorc hybrid: prepares spells like the former, but can cast any combination of the spells they know per level like the later. Also has an Arcane Resevoir they can use to boost spells, or for a second set of powers called Exploits, and can “consume” normal spell casts to restore their pool. Their traditional spellcasting is INT based, but Arcane Exploits are CHA based.

Bloodrager: Barbarian meets Sorcerer. Trades Rage powers for a bloodline and some CHA based spontaneous arcane casting. Bloodrager bloodlines are more ability-focused than their Sorc counterparts, but you can only level in both classes if you use the same bloodline for both.

Warpriest: Fighter meets Cleric, with a dash of Paladin for good measure. Cleric spells up to the 6th level with WIS-based casting. Bonus feats and counts as fighter levels, but at every 3rd level starting at 3. Highlights include being able to trade out a weapon’s damage die for one based on their level, and to buff their armor with extra enchantment bonuses that can be converted to energy and spell resistance.

Shaman: Witch meets Oracle. Wis-based divine spellcaster with unique spell list, plus hexes (some unique to them, some they share with Witch.) Bonds with Spirits, one at level 1 they keep and a second at level 4 they can trade out at will. Spirits grant spells and abilities (ala Oracle mysteries) and grant a list of hexes to choose from. Also has mandatory familiar, like the witch, called a spirit animal that is also buffed by the Shaman’s Spirits.

Skald: Barbarian meets Bard. Instead of confidence, Skalds inspire rages with their primary song, complete with Rage Powers.

Hunter: Technically not yet guaranteed as it wasn’t unlocked before the kickstarter ended, but could still be unlocked in the slacker backer period (and the funds needed are much less than what Kingmaker got from its slacker backers, so odds are good) Ranger meets Druid. All about the animal companion, gaining teamwork feats that they share, as well as animal aspects both the hunter and companion can use to buff themselves. Spontaneous WIS-based casting of Druid and Ranger spells up to 6th level.

New prestige classes and archetypes are not as well known, however. I believe Hellknights (Law-obsessed warriors that can Smite Chaos like a paladin smites evil) and Hellknight Signifiers (Law-obsessed spellcasters) have been all but confirmed, which also gives very high odds of the Armager Fighter archetype (Hellknight in training) being in as well. One of the social stretch goals was for the Winter Witch prestige class, which in TT has the Witch archetype of the same name as a prerequisite (IIRC the prestige class is to the archetype what Dragon Disciple is to Dragon bloodline Sorcerer, buffing up the deadly ice magic aspect of a traditional Winter Witch at the cost of some spellcasting levels.) Several other archetypes and prestige classes have been mentioned by the devs between updates and interviews, but I don’t know what the complete list is.

They have comfirmed that both Real time with Pause and Turn based modes will be available, using much of the turn-based mod that was made for Kingmaker (with the modder’s approval)

Wrath of the Righteous is about the battle at the Worldwound, a place where Demons can enter the world from the Abyss without any limitations. The first (and IIRC one of the only) Mythic adventures, things get really crazy, with the canon ending for 2nd edition Pathfinder causing some serious shakeups well beyond just ending the greatest threat to the world (anything more specific would be spoilers.) However, the TT version was very big on Good kicking Evil’s ass and the power of redemption, and while a path for that kind of story will probably still be in there, Owlcat is talking up the potential of changing the themes to more “He Who Fights Monsters” and “The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions” depending on your choices and alignment.