Unable to send messages to update account status so I can vote

I just made my account yesterday, and verified today due to issues with not receiving my verification despite several re-send attempts, and attempted to link the account to the backer page so I could get my badge and voting ability for the Race poll. As of now, nothing has happened. After trying to troubleshoot I saw someone with a similar problem get suggested to message Mortheim to try to get their status updated. I went to try to do this, but am also unable to send messages at all. The option doesn’t even appear on my UI. Any help would be appreciated!

Sorry if this isn’t in the right place, I don’t often use forums so wasn’t sure where to post this.

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Having exactly the same problem

Same :upside_down_face:

+1 here. Just because I want to get on the radar.

Hope they respond, i’m having the same issue.

This is happening to me too. I have no badge, I can’t vote in the poll and I can’t send messages to the mods to inquire why.

Apparently being unable to send messages is just due to being a new forum account. However, even after messaging Mortheim several hours ago I have yet to see any change in my badge status. Hopefully they just haven’t gotten back to me yet and are still intending to

When I joined the forum I could not send messages until I completed the new user tutorial. However, I believe I saw in another thread somebody who could not send messages even after completing the tutorial. Maybe it is actually time based or something. But if you have not completed the tutorial I suggest at least trying that first to see if it allows you to send messages.

Attempting to bump this so it gets seen. This issue still has not been resolved for me, despite messaging Mortheim well over 24 hours ago.

I do wonder about messaging as well.

It feels like I am having the same issue, maybe the actual pandemic is slowing down things.
Hopefully Owlcat staff is alright and they can help soon

Keep in mind that this is a widespread issue and so some delays in resolving the issue are to be expected. It took a few days for me to get my badge. If you haven’t already, try reaching out to Owlcat via a Kickstarter message or team@owlcatgames.com.

As for messaging, you have to have reached trust level 1, aka Basic, to unlock that functionality. To do so I believe all you have to do is enter at least 5 topics, read at least 30 posts, and spend at least 10 minutes reading posts.

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Update for everyone, I was finally able to get my badge and everything updated, even if it took nearly two weeks. Stuff is just slow right now due to global pandemic issues and such. Hopefully they get their system working faster so that people who attempt to sign up just a few days prior to the vote ending are still able to get in and vote.

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