Unable to log-in with my email

Good day!
I’ve got an issue when i try to log-in with my current email (web.linc31@gmail.com) at https://wrath.owlcatgames.com/preorder
Can’t do this because of the following "These credentials do not match our records"
Before, I used the same email address and nickname for my kickstarter account.
Also, can’t create a new account using this email address, because of the following: “Email already exist in database. If you participated in the Kickstarter campaign, check your email first”
So how can i log-in now?

Did you get an e-mail: " Backer portal is now live!" from Owlcatgames?
Did you follow url what was in the message?
Did you change your password like asked when you followed that link (url) provided?
After that were you able to see your kickstart pledge and make your order?

If you have not done that try to do it. Without that e-mail you can not go for your pledge…

I have a similar problem: I registered yesterday and successfully preordered but later that day when i tried to sign in i got the “These Credentials do not match our records” message. It was also possible for me to create a new account with this e mail adress.