Turn off Demon Army?

Ok, I’m sure I’ll get a little backlash from asking this question, but is there a way to play without having to hire legions to kill demon army things? I bought an RPG, not a battle sim. I dont want to play this garbage any more than i wanted to run a kingdom in kingmaker. I want to do quests and get gear and loot and xp and thats it! i dont want to do all this other stuff but the game is paid for, so how do i turn all this crap off that i dont want to do because it has nothing to do with RPGs or anything to do with the storyline? please help.


Very unlikely to happen because it was sort of the “selling” point of this campaign, much like kingdom management was Kingmaker’s thing.

It needs to be tweaked because, at the moment, most people just recommend to “ignore” it by resting weeks or months in game to pile up a big enough snowball of troops just to roll things over, which seems like a strange thing to be intended.

Kingmaker always had things to do in between the timed defenses and kingdom management stuff; this game actively stonewalls you playing it if you don’t either cheese or suffer through the army management portion, which, in my opinion, is bad game design.

You should be able to progress without resting inordinate amounts of time to stockpile troops. Army encounters should be balanced around how long it takes the average player to get through the majority of the side content available before they hit the progression gate. Right now, my starting army gets murdered by groups of three fly units to the Northeast of the keep and the only thing I have to gauge how strong an encounter is are the mobs in it (which, at that point, you’ll have no familiarity with from the army context) and a nebulous “army strength” rating that seems to be largely incorrect. Losing a battle means resting continuously until you can reattempt it and that’s not really “fun;” it’s just tedious.

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Maybe not the best idea to say a product they are caring so much about is garbage and then asking for help, there are better ways to formulate a question. You may dislike it but it’s not the general feeling, so please show some respect. Keep in mind this is a beta, too, so it’s not in its finished state.

With that out of the way, you won’t have to spend half a chapter doing exclusively kingdom management to trigger the chapter quests, which was the big problem in Kingmaker. So it should be much less invasive.

I see there is still an “auto” setting for the Kingdom Management, have you tried it? I haven’t had the time to play with all options yet so I have no idea about this one, but it wouldn’t surprised me if they had planned such a feature.

You should ask on Discord whether they intend to implement it in Wrath of the Righteous if that’s not already partly done, you’ll stand a better chance to get an answer (just don’t insult everyone off the bat).


Auto combat will definitely come, but the management part… well I hope for a good mod which just autoresolves everything.

Mods will fix it, like allways.

Well, I don’t know if the use of the word garbage is right BUT I totally agree! I think there’s should be a way to skip it somehow

Well, given that Pathfinder is kind if an heir to DnD and that DnD is itself a descendant of Chainmail, which was a wargame, history kinda doesn’t agree with you… Ironic, isn’t it ? (Emperor, get out of this keyboard !)
That said, I actually agree with you that RPGs have branched out and are now in essence different than wargames, but still, DnD and Pathfinder always have a bit of a combat simulation in them.

That’s always been a gripe of mine, because those universes are those I like best, but the games themselves leave a lot to be desired for me. Thankfully I have the most fun in home-made campaigns with my group.

Keep in mind two things. First, Kingmaker got an effortless mode to try and help people who disliked the kingdom mechanics play the rest of the game. We can probably expect that tactical battles could eventually get something similar - they may not be able to erase them since part of the game is built around them, but they will be made less important and easier to ignore.

Second, is that WotR is still in Beta. The devs are still experimenting and figuring out the balance and how to present certain things. Since tactical battles are a completely new game mode and aren’t building off of rules and systems from Kingmaker, they have a lot more to do to finish them. This is also probably part of why you can’t skip the tactical battles right now. If the system doesn’t work great and the devs need feedback to improve these battles, but everybody skips them since they aren’t fun yet, then the devs just won’t get enough data and feedback to make the tactical battles better.

While i do think the harshness in the OP help request was unnecessary, and i actually enjoy the battle sim part too (as much as kingdom management was a draw for me in KM), i do believe those who want only a PF based cRPG should get an option to have that.

And given the devs created the “auto-kingdom” in KM to free from management those who wanted only the adventure, i believe the current “auto-combat” will evolve into an “auto-war” that gives a warfare background without requiring player input outside adventuring.

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If we could get an auto-war, it hopefully won’t be like auto-kingdom… which still makes some quests impossible, and can bug out even main quest relevant stuff.
I see auto-kingdom as a trap

I share your extreme dislike of the mini-games. My solution is to cheat my way through it, then pretend it doesn’t exist. The same is true for the city builder, which seems jarringly disconnected from the crpg side.

I’ll use any mod, cheat, or workaround to minimize my time in the battle system, and the city builder as constituted now.

I think that what I would have liked, is more stuff like the siege of Drezen. You have text options about how you want your forces deployed and what your team will do … then the scenario plays out depending on those choices.

It did a great job of both keeping the RPG focus, while still making you feel like a leader.


While i love management sim and never used it, i´m aware KM auto-kingdom have its flaws. But the devs are aware of the backlash that (and other bugs) caused, and i believe they´ll either create an auto-war that don´t break quests or inform a lack of man-hours/resources to do it and leave it as a polished version of current auto-combat.

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No need to answer any further, I think. The OP only made this one post and never took the time to read the replies (stayed 2m in the forums total), it’s just a hit and run :smirk:

If they made an automatic option for Kingmaker, and left it in the options, it’s likely they’ll have a similar one for Wrath of the Righteous at some point. They first need to finish the Crusade system so we can see how it actually looks :slight_smile:

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While the original poster may have just posted to vent their frustrations, I think there’s room for a discussion around the current implementation of the Army Management aspect of the game.

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In the alpha it was automatic. When your army reaches an enemy the result was calculated and the result was shown (enemy losses, your losses, what exp and bonusses you gain.)
It is almost sure that such an option will be in the final game.

In the difficulty options probably will be:

  • The option if you want to fight yourself or if fights are automatic resolved.
  • Difficulty options for army fights separate from normal difficulty.

This should make everyone happy.
In the beta you cannot skip it because they want players to test this.

That would already help with the crusade army combats.

But I regularly see posts like here from people who only want to play the campaign, so the part that is common to most classic RPGs. No kingdom management at all, and no forming / moving / fighting armies either.

So while it’s a selling point for many fans, it seems an option to make it as inconspicuous as possible may be a selling point for others, but how many of them? Perhaps there should have been a poll on this (or was there?).

Nope, I’d like to skip not only single army fights, but the army war/kingdom management alltogether :slight_smile:

Like a lot of people wanted to play auto-kingdom in KM.

I liked the army fight during act 2, in the current beta. But I am a big player of strategy and tactic games.

Remember the game Myth: The Fallen Lords? That would be a cool side game engine to use for managing armies. I know its way too late in the game to change it. But an RTS would prevent people from stockpiling armies by waiting so they can steamroll battles.