Turn-based system doesn't work correcly

Hello, problem is on steam version of the game. I activated Turn-based mode yet it made my pet (Druid character) completly useless. He can charge and then he starts each turn with 0 standard actions, can’t attack, he just stands there and thats it. He doesn’t have debuffs, no issues. He is just starting without any full actions. From big damage dealer he become ‘just a pet’.

Every rounds or just the first round (in the surprise round)?

Try to verify the integrity of the game files.

Are you using any mods or have been in the past?

No mods, fresh install. Integrity check didn’t find anything.

All rounds, whole fights pet is useless, just one charge and nothing else.

Make sure to report it in game with F11.

What animal is it?

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Will do, didn’t know that is an option.
It’s smilodon

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Maybe a respec with the NPC could fix the bug if the difficulty setting allow it?