Turn based release estimation?

Any word on when turn based will be added for this? I know it’s planned, but havent been able to find an estimated time of implementation. I play tabletop and have always favored the turb based options more than the auto pause after every turn.

On August 18th 2020 if there is no delay.

That’s for KM, not WotR. I already have the community Turn Based Mod for KM


At launch, from day 1.

I assume it will be in the game when game is released. It MIGHT be allready in the current version of the game (developers can only know that one, because they are onlyone who can actually try current latest version).

We hopefully get it for Beta test, because it is kind of important (or atleast something what might broke the game if not in properly) in the game when using some skills/feats/spells and so on.

It’s in Kingmaker right now, I assume it’ll be the same system in Wrath.

It’s not in alpha v.1, but Owlcat is almost certainly using the KM TB mod as a test run for the system that will be used in WOTR. I wouldn’t be surprised if they more or less copy the KM TB code and begin testing it in alpha v.2.