Turn based mode

any info of the tweaks/additions of the official turn based mode?
really hope they dont just copy paste the unofficial mod.

No real info but I am 100% sure they do not just “copy/paste unofficial mod”. After all we will get it for Kingmaker and this new game “fully tested”, future supported and official version.

I do not know if unofficial mod even work in this new game but I am quite certain developers will make they own version. I mean even if Windows 3.0 give us an clickable icons and new graphical interface and we have them allso in latest Windows 10 version I assume everyone will agree that they are not even near same product.

What I am trying to say is, even if these 2 have same principle (turn base combat / actions) they can and most likely will be totally different in code / how they are made, tested and supported.

If memory serves, they said it was mostly a slightly improved version of the KM mod. Some bugs or features that were better integrated, I guess. But don’t expect much difference.
Edit : to put it differently, they took the mod, made some corrections, and voila.

Well, according to the screenshot we saw of the (Console) Beta version, it definitely ‘looks’ different than the mod (much better imo), but if and how it will be improved otherwise we don’t know yet.

i suspected as much.

The UI is completly different

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As I expected. Core / idea will be naturally same (turn base combat/turns) but there is huge difference from mod to actual adoptation to the game by developers.

Good: Much better than the mod, better UI and more options.

Bad: Forget about most mods.

My opinion: Stay at 1.x so you can use mods.