Turn-based combat and PWotR

I have a very quick question.

Will PWotR have also the turn-based combat / real time based combat option?

And if so, will be have same combats?

I mean that the “turn-based” combat lets you controlling your character better, and it makes the combat more strategical. The issue is that it is much “slower” so it is not ok to use it for “small fights”.

So I am wondering if we will have two “dungeon designs” one for real time combat and another for “turn-based combat” or we will continue with the same system.

most likely it will function pretty much exactly as it does in kingmaker - press T (or whatever you bind it to) to toggle between turn-based and real-time

They have stated that the game will be primarily tuned to RTwP, and turnbased mode is just an extra for TB fans.

Since you can toggle between the two at any time, if you have trash fights just use RT mode.