Turn-based combat and PWotR

I have a very quick question.

Will PWotR have also the turn-based combat / real time based combat option?

And if so, will be have same combats?

I mean that the “turn-based” combat lets you controlling your character better, and it makes the combat more strategical. The issue is that it is much “slower” so it is not ok to use it for “small fights”.

So I am wondering if we will have two “dungeon designs” one for real time combat and another for “turn-based combat” or we will continue with the same system.

most likely it will function pretty much exactly as it does in kingmaker - press T (or whatever you bind it to) to toggle between turn-based and real-time

They have stated that the game will be primarily tuned to RTwP, and turnbased mode is just an extra for TB fans.

Since you can toggle between the two at any time, if you have trash fights just use RT mode.

I have been away from the game for a bit(a long bit)…I assume this(turn based) has not been implemented yet, right?

Yeah TB is not in alpha and beta will be soon, so maybe there.

So in other words the TB mode is going to be a disappointment with no unique encounters like in kingmaker. I hope pazio can hand out a license to another game developer so that the pathfinder community can have a real pathfinder game that is dedicated to the tabletop experience.

That or maybe owlcat can separate the TB as a stand alone game so they can make better encounters in a tactical turn base game.

There’s tons of turn based games, like the upcoming BG3 for example. I’m happy for any RtWP games that we can get, they are too rare.

There will be more modding support for Wrath, so feel free to adjust the encounters to your satisfaction I guess. Or write original campaigns tuned to TB.


Yeah, I have the same feeling, there is a pretty good reason on why BG III and solasta: crown of the magister have opted for the turn-based combat instead of rtwpc. Mkes the encounters more meaninful, makes casters more appealing (especially AoE), makes easier the micromanaging (very interesting for rogues).

To be frank it is really a dissapointment that there is no “native TB combat”. especially for pathfinder where the class have more power and require more micromanaging than D&D.

In fact the only time i finished this game was when the <TB combat was activated. But still didnt enjoy it to the maximun because it was clear that the encounters were designed for rtwpc.

As far as I can see there are only very few turn based games that are based on table top games. Actually there is only one and Temple of Elemental Evil was a bad attempt though the combat was nice. Almost all of the D&D games are made with RTS in mind because of the way BG 1&2 were released since that was popular a the time. The same happened with Icewind Dale and Pathfinder. RTwP can’t make interesting encounters since it is an auto attack hack & slash game. It would be better if Owlcat could separate the RTS & TB version into stand alone games so they can optimize the encounters in TB mode. You also can’t have any decent character development in RTwP since it was not designed for that.

Sure you can say that there is Solasta & BG3 but there are many in the pathfinder community that won’t enjoy 5e since they are stuck in their head that only PF 1e is good. That is why I say that there needs to be a game dedicated to TB that the Pathfinder community won’t feel shafted on. Too many of us that enjoy the table top version feel like we are being told to take what we can get or leave, because Owlcat have made it clear they have no desire for to make attempt on the TB side.

I hope Solasta & BG3 are a success and hope Pazio takes a look at them for inspiration. That way someone else can make dedicated TB PF games.

Apart from Solasta there are also a couple more indie games based on 5e, not to mention the plethora of non-tabletop turn based games. RTwP is much rarer.

It’s a common misconception by people not very familiar with RTwP techniques to think that it’s all about autoattacks. There’s just as much interesting gameplay if you micro a lot like an RTS player. The pause (and slomo) just makes things manageable.

RTwP also feels more real, and takes better advantage of the strengths of video games.

Having said that, I hope you get your wish, and some other developer makes TB PF games for you. But leave Owlcats for the RTwP fans.


TB is more common in tabletop-to-video game adaptions than you may think. Be it the Drakensang franchise (The Dark Eye tabletop), Torment: Tides of Numenera (Numenera tabletop), Lovecraftian games inspired by Call of Cthulhu tabletop (Stirring Abyss, Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones). Or the humongous amount of D&D TB video games (all Gold Box ones, The Temple of Elemental Evil, the Pool of Radiance franchise, D&D Tactics, Tales from Candlekeep: Tomb of Annihilation, Low Magic Age, Solasta, Baldur’s Gate 3, ect.)

I for one am eternal grateful to Owlcat for providing the Pathfinder community with excellent RTwP video games here. And I do hope this will hold true in the future as well. They even gone out of their way to include an TB option into both of their games. Which is an awesome gesture for those who prefer TB over RTwP. Unlike Larian who indeed shafted RTwP fans. Completely, that is.

That being said, I also root for other game developers to sign up with paizo as well for even more game variety. Not just for future Pathfinder games. But Starfinder ones as well.

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Just posting to heartily second what @admiralzeech and @Kamigoroshi have said. It’s the RTwP fans who constantly get shafted, and every cRPG these days is made to placate TB fans demanding that all games be only TB. And to claim that RTwP is not made for character development? That’s just so ridiculous.