Trying to log into site

hi to whoever can help,

I’ve been trying to log into the owlcat site, but have forgotten my password, I click Forgot Your Password? and I’m sent to the reset password page, I put in my proper email address and click Send Password Reset Link to which it then says We have emailed your password reset link!

I have done quite a few times and I have not received any emails with the links, I have also checked spam folder, any ideas on what I can do?

Thank you

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Hi my best bet if you haven’t gotten an email i would email Owlcat for help im sure they can be able to help you.

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I’ve had the same problem.
Sent an email yesterday, but nothing back yet… I’m sure if this is a commonish problem they’ve got swamps of mail, but annoying nonetheless

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Same issue here, the password reset emails come hours later, after the token has expired. Did anyone have any success emailing them? What email address?

I got a response on 5 Feb, responded that while i was able to finally get a reset to get on the forums… it’s still not letting me in to the Wrath website, nor letting me get a password reset from there… Nothing since then.

I emailed and got a response a week or so later. Finally fixed my wrath site access.

Yeah, I’ve done the same… but at a week turnaround for a response, and them asking a question … so here i am still unable to connect to Wrath account… and likely won’t get a response for another week… as this is the the way :stuck_out_tongue: