Trouble to win these two ending slides

After several tries, I still don’t get how to have these two ending slides :

  • Full trasury. Despite having a good chunk of BP’s and a respectable income I still always get the “poor kingdom” ending. Even when going for the maximum tax hikes at the beggining. What’s the trigger for this ending?

  • Hellknight Valerie : I ordered her to kill after winning the duel, sided with her against the bard and went berserk and killed evrybody on sight at the trial. Still I get the “farmer girl” ending. What did I miss?

Thanks in advance for all the answers

Full treasury - it is balancing act between poor and rich whatever has more points will be slide that appears, you picked more poor options. BP and income does nothing to influence ending.

Val - I know you need to affirm her views that beauty and art is worthless. I would try different outcomes to trial, to see if there is one where you do not fail quest, but Val still keeps scar.
(I would also try Kingdom resuliton mod which lets you see triggers.)

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First of all thank your for your insight

  • when you say “rich options” i guess it’s evrything that make my BP income goes up…when you say poor options is that evrything that make my incomes goes down or evry decision that cost me BP, even these with a full-paid sum?

  • , so maybe goes to the trial and not going full berserk but not speaking on her behalf too. I will try that.
More you tax everybody more points you get. Things like

  1. treasures left in the Stag Lord’s cellars - Take the riches to treasury. (+1 point to full cofers)
  2. Raise taxes - double (+1 point), 1/3 (0 change), do not raise (+1 to empty coffers)
  3. Halfling brewery - I do not care for it…
    4.Citizens are unhappy about the Taxmasters, who are a group that punish tax evaders. -
    a)Let these Taxmasters do their job. (gives +1 point to full coffers ending)
    b)Denounce these Taxmasters… in word, but not in act.(does not change ending slide points)
    c)Order these ‘Taxmasters’ to stop oppressing our people. (gives +1 to empty confers ending)

I think Kannerah unique choices (like Trade Guild) gives +2 to full coffer, but I am not 100% sure.

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I think I understand thank you very much…is there a complete list of these points somewhere? I searched on the link you provided but it seems it’s not clearly written.

As far as I know, no. You can see those points only with kingdom resolution mod.
Or just tax everything, be as greedy, during economy rank up, as of possible and you will get it.