Trophy-Trouble PS4 1.03

So, I just finished the main campaign (yay) and, well, missed a ton of trophies. But that’s fine, was mostly my fault, being a king is hard, better luck next time, yada yada yada…

…except for “Admirer of finer thins” - Gather masterpiece works from all ten royal artisans.
I don’t know if I actually got all masterpiece items, but I’ve recruited all artisans and solved all of their quests in their favor. So it’s impossible that I missed an item, right?

Or do I have to keep all the items, for the trophy to pop? Including Bokken’s Potion?

You need to get their finest creations. So just recruiting everyone and doing all of their quests is not enough. They must bring you their masterpieces. This achievement is pretty difficult to get. I never managed because I didn’t get along with some artisans and either killed them or refused to help them. Of those who survived not everyone had enough time to make a masterpiece, because I annexed their regions too late. So it’s kind of tricky to get this one. TBH I gave up on it :smile:

Congrats on finishing the game!

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So I have to wait in my throne room, until they randomly decide, that’s now the perfect time to deliver their masterpiece - even though I did everything in time to support them?

That’s not difficult or tricky, that’s just a gamble. A lazy RNG. Not a good design for a trophy, nor a gameplay element.

Some of them had several years to deliver their creations - and they didn’t!