Trickster and Mythic Tricks

It is working - you get the crazy critical enhancement feats this way
“improved improved critical”
“improved improved improved critical”
“improved improved improved improved critical”

enhancing both threat range and crit multiplier (which makes it crazy overkill on vital strike builds)

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Demon Rage is +2 (scaling to +4) extra points of Accuracy and DC that stacks with more or less everything (and also eventually adds + strength, too), and is only bad because it’s limited to 2 per day.

Azata Superpower is eventually +6 attack bonus (and damage) relative to Greater Heroism (its technically +10, but since it’s morale it has stacking issues). Also, they have a 3rd level spell that has a stacking increase to ability mods.

Kindof sad that Trickster lacks any sort of pure math fixer :frowning:

The problem here is those special feats from Perception Trick 2 are potentially build-defining - I believe they were in the first Beta build but aren’t currently implemented in this one? (Someone will have to confirm that for me).

There’s a whole line of additional critical feats, further expanding threat range and multiplier. My planned Trickster path MC is going to be a crit beast Rowdy Rogue, so as nice as all that magic item nonsense is, I’m gonna need to get Perception 2 as early as possible to make sure I have enough levels left to get all those feats.

This is one of the benefits of Trickster mythic path that I like :slightly_smiling_face:
Its range is so wide that there are more ways you can play it.

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Let’s say that it’s not finished… since it only gives 3 possible extra feats and you see them only after you unlock the previous one.
I don’t think they will be so good for non-physical MC like a bard or a cleric.

And u haven’t seen the “real strenght” of Trickster yet.
Since it comes at Mythic 9 once you unlock the spell that makes the target’s rolls a 20 for 3 rounds.

And what that has to do with anything? Just give it somebody like Camelia, Greybor or Woljif.

Perception rank 2 says that u can take feats from a special trickster list:
if there are only 3 feats and all required Improved Critical… it doesn’t seem “a special trickster list” to me.
But it’s only my opionion that probabily the list is unfinished.

Isn’t possible that special trickster feats are “second and third level” feats that will only be revealed after you take the first level? (But something like that is unfortunately hard to test if you don’t try to take every existing feat.)

It is linear progression with those feats, so if you want level3 you need level2 and level1.

Greater & mythic vital strike combined with the trickster’s ability to makes scythes into 12-20 x6 crit weapons shreds enemies. Add improved cleaving finish and wide sweep, and you get massive single target damage combined with okay aoe damage. Good for a melee character.

It does not work through mind immunity which is the only thing keeping it from breaking the game. The DC is your Intimidate skill level which unlike spell DC can get extremely high quickly (40-50+) so its extremely hard to save against it.

The rank 1 Persuasion Trick makes enemies automatically take a Demoralize check at the start of the combat.

So the second you start any fight all enemies have to take a super high DC Intimidate check or be paralyzed.

You basically auto win any fight if the enemies don’t have mind immunity.

You should read it again. Its not your Intimidate DC, its a DC of 10+your ranks in Persuasion. So at level 12 when you get it, its all of DC 22. And it caps at DC 30.

That said, I tried it against a Nalfeshnee and while they are immune to the Shake part of demoralize, they still roll a save vs. the paralyze… couldn’t get it fail it, but there’s always a 1…

I did a little testing this evening and it looks like right now Knowledge World is working on girdles and headbands. Staunton’s con girdle gives +5 con and his wis headband +3. I doubt this is intended as the game also shows the girdle and an amulet of natural armor to conflict. Sadly, Knowledge World doesn’t seem to affect the value of an item, at least with just one rank of it.

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This may be a bit off topic (I started this topic, my rules), but I’ve always been interested in it, and it’s never properly explained.

It has been confirmed that the first two levels of mythic part are not “hard lock” and the real decision about mythic parh is on third level. Does this mean that I can take the first two levels of an angel (best starting ability) and then continue as a Trickster from the third level? Or will it cause my levels in the angel to change to Trickster?

No. We have to differentiate Mythic Hero ranks and Mythic Path ranks here. There are ten Mythic ranks in total: the first two being free-to-choose Mythic Hero ranks. As well as eight Mythic Path ranks.

You can be a Mythic Hero that selected Close to the Abyss and then choose the Angel Path. Or Dance Macabre and select Aeon Path. Or Force Reality and opt for Azata Path. You’re free to mix all of the Mythic Hero “styles” will any of the Mythic Paths. Even if the thematic synergy is the complete opposite.

So the end of the game will look something like this?

20 Warrior
2 Mythic hero
8 Trickster

Correct. And it gets pretty cluttered inside the class field if you also multiclass on top of this.

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Hmm, quite confusing…

Can you do something like taking one rank of a demon, the second rank of an angel and then you start a lich mythic path? :grinning:

Nope. They’re one-way-rails. Except if you get kicked out, fail alignment-changing quests, or choose one of the hidden paths later on.