Trickster and Mythic Tricks

I must say that I am particularly curious about:

"Lore (Nature) rank 2" = One random magic item per rest.
"Knowledge (Arcana) rank 2" = +1 echantment and additional magic effect to ALL magic items which you find.

Please, if anyone played Trickster, could he share info about these mythic tricks?

It seems to me that it is an incredibly OP ability that will allow you to turn junk into gold and create a lot of unique and OP magic equipment.

+1 to echnatement and additional magic effect sounds incredibly advantageous…
I really need to know how powerful these additional effects can be and how powerful magical items you can find during rest.

The Arcana one is very good particularly with two ranks, it added +2 to the bonus along with a random minor effect. It only applied to weapons and armor for me, jewelery was unaffected.

Never tried the lore one so not sure what it gives you

Can you give me an example of a couple random minor effects?

You can get potion/scroll + 1 random magic item per rest
Made some test and got

  • heavy pick +4 with Monstrous Humanoid Bane (extra effect.
  • shock short sword +1 with flaming (extra effect).
  • dwarven waraxe +5 with agile (extra effect).

This combo it’s quite an odd ball: u can get pretty strong items if you are lucky: i got +6 wisdom headband which is much stronger then anything i got atm.

You can get even gear +5 out of ordinary rest?
That’s… Incredibly OP :grinning:

And I’m not even talking about those random special effects.

Imagine finding a dueling sword +5 with a demon bane effect…
Automatically improved to dueling sword +6 then another +2 and 2k6 from bane ability.
That is +8 to attack vs demons 11 - 30 DMG per hit !

Ok, f**k demon mythic path, I really wanted to play my first game as master of demons, but I was absolutely disgusted when I found out how weak a demon mythic path is (most people agree that demon mythic path is weakest mythic path without a specific focus.)

Trickster is now my favorite mythic path :star_struck:

Think about that:
there is a rank 3 too (i think it’s called Greater Trick or something like that) which is not implemented yet! (u get it at Mythic rank 7)

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Oh my Asmodeus! :smiling_imp:

Given how strong the previous ranks are, the third rank will probably be something like:
"Double the effectiveness of all the magical equipment your character wears."

Lore Nature rank 3 is implemented:
“You know that it is perfectly natural to find powerful magical artifacts lying around the locations everywhere you go, as well as other rare and exotic items. Every rest you now found a powerful magic item and you can find ingredients for exquisite meal”

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Hahaha! :grinning:

I love this sentence:
"You know that it is perfectly natural to find powerful magical artifacts lying around the locations everywhere you go"

The idea that +5 weapons are not considered an artifact…
I really want to see how powerful those items can be.

Trickster : Hey guys, when I was picking blueberries, I found Hand of Vecna lying in the bushes!
Party : Hand of Vecna?
Trickster : Yes, it is a really powerful magical artifact which…
Party : We know what Hand of Vecna is! That’s not a problem.
Trickster : So what’s the problem?
Party : sigh
Party : This is the third hand this week…
Party : How is it possible that Vecna had so many hands and why are all just lying in the bushes in this area ?!
Trickster : I guess I’m just lucky… :grinning:

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Done more test with Lore 3 up and you will get 1 scroll +1 magical item + 1 special item each rest.
Got (scroll not listed and first object is always “the normal one”):

  • Composite long bow +6 (with shock as extra) + Hodag Hide (hide armor +5 with cold resistence 15 and +2d6 extra damage on charge)
  • Ghost touch quarterstaff +5 (with agile as extra) + Hat of Mental Perfection (+8 to wis, int, cha).
  • Frost Great Axe +3 (with keen as extra) + Mithral Full plate +5 (with sonic resistence 10 as extra)
  • Head Band of Metal Perfection (+4 to wis, int, cha) + Tempest(GreatAxe +4 with speed, Greater Shock, Lawful Outsider Bane and the ability to remove paralysis 2 times per day).
  • Flaming Light Mace +3 (with Construct Bane as extra) + Gamekeeper of the First World(Composite Longbow +6 with 19-20 crti range, Plant Bane and whenever it lands an hit, the target is illuminated for 3 rounds, preventing from using Invisibility, inflicting -50 penality to Stealth and -4 AC)
  • Nunchaku +5 (with lawful outsider bane as extra) + Mithral Banded Mail +6 (with Acid Resistence 15)
  • Glaive +5 (with Feybane as extra) + Hodag Hide (hide armor +5 with sonic resistence 10 and +2d6 extra damage on charge)
  • Holy Longsword +3 (with keen extra) + Bow of the True World(shortbow +5 , fey bane, plant bane, grants its wielder a +4 bonus on all saving throws against the abilities of fey)

If i remember well Tempest was a weapon top tier created from full upgraded Dragn in Kingmaker while Gamekeeper of the First World was an hidden bow from House of Time puzzle (both unique items).

Some other intereisting tricks:
Knowledge World rank 3:
“You know the whole word is just a game. But that is ultimately in you favor, becouse you are good at games, and at changing rules in your favor. You and members of your party can now ignore requirements of feats when leveling up.”

Reuse Magic Device (Use Magic Device rank 2):
“You have learned a way to use items so delicately that the use is completely unnoticed. Wand you use no longer lose charges for use and you can equip any magical items possible, regardless of requirements”.

Perception rank 2:
“Nothing can escape your notice. You automaticaly detect creatures who attemps to use STEALTH. You also notice more about yourself and you companions, allowing both them and you from now to take feats from a special trickster list”.

I think Perception Rank 2 is not working atm since i cannot find any extra trickster feats in the feat list.
Knowledge Arcana (rank 1) has a little bug too: under item description, it put the enanchment two times (1 without upgraded bonus and 1 with upgraded bonus) but only the higher applies so it’s only a description bug.

Amazing, just amazing…
Looks like you won’t need merchants at all.
Thank you so much for this informations, it was very educational.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the bonus effect can be anything that isn’t a special effect of some named artifact. (Category:Weapon traits - Pathfinder: Kingmaker Wiki)

I think it’s only lesser traits: i think you can get flaming but not flaming burst.
I think you can get traits equivalents to +1 bonus:

  • Weapons: all single +1d6 elemental, all bane, agile, keen
  • Armor: all resistence (10/15)

I wonder if, with rank 3, you can get every Kingmaker’s Artisan craft.
Serpent’s Prince can be really gamebreaking with Mythical Vital Strike since it has +1 critical multiplier so it can have a maximum of 15-20 (x5) (with Improved Critical, Mythic Improved Crytical and either lvl 20 fighter ability or Sword Saint’s Critical Perfection).

Uh, how about Grandmasters Rod?

Suddenly I’m wondering just how “Joker” a trickster is forced to be…

Any idea what ranks 2 and 3 of Persuasion are?

Persuasion rank 2:
“You are so good at demoralizing your enemies that they lose the will to fight completely. Enemies affected by your demoralize ability must succed a Will saving throws with DC 10+ Your ranks in Persuasion or become paralyzed and completely helpless. They may make another saving throw against this condition every round”

Persuasion rank 3 is not implemented yet.

Oh man, does that work with Dazzling Display and Cornugan Smash?

Does it go through immunity to mind affecting?

I suppose I’m suddenly sad it’s based on ranks in the skill and not bonus, meaning you can’t really pump it in any way to make the save harder…

I’m wondering which order is better to take the tricks to maximaze the profit.
You get first lvl 1 trick at Mythic 3 (After you put the banner on Drezen’s SIege)
You get second lvl 1 trick and first lvl 2 trick at Mythic 4 (Arule’s Lab)
You will get a third lvl 1 trick only at Mythic 5 (when u arrive at Abyss)
You will get a 4th lvl 1 trick and 2nd lvl 2 trick at Mythic 6 (i think near the end of Act 4).
You will get a 5th lvl 1 trick and first lvl 3 trick at Mythic 7 (in Act 5 not implemented yet).
So i think the best way to handle it is:
At Mythic rank 3 get Knowledge Arcana rank 1 so you can benefit from loot of Stauton’s Fight.
Then ignore everything and try to rush for open Arule’s Lab.
Rush there and while there, don’t loot anything but rush for final room to get Mythic 4.
At this point you will get Lore Nature rank 1 and you will have to chose between Lore Nature Rank2 and Knowledge Arcana rank 2.
This is a big decision since you will not get the other one for a lot of time.
I will suggest to go for Knowledge arcana rank 2 since you will drop a lot of magic gear from enemies from this point (almost all enemies in Ivory Sanctum will drop some magic item) and it will pump your income since all +1 gear dropped from low enemies will become +2 with a minor trait (huge boost to item’s value). Get it then backtrack the lab and loot and clear it.
But if u feel a lot lazy, you can get Lore Nature rank2 instead and you can go exploring all around the map doing some rest hoping to get some item that doesn’t benefit from Knowledge Arcana rank 2 (like some Headband +4 or Girdle +4) but in my opion it will take a lot of time and it’s much boring.
At mythic 5, i suggest to get Perception rank 1.
At mythic 6, you can get the other one to close the combo.
At mythic 7, you will have similar choice between Rank3 Knowledge Arcana (not implemented yet) and Lore Nature.

I confirm that you can get Kingmaker’s Artisan Masterpiece.
Just got Perfection: Nazrielle’s Masterpiece

Related Trickster Question for those who have messed more with it -

Is there any ability that serves as an accuracy “fix” for the mythic path?

For comparison to what I mean,

Azata has its martial superpower/spellpen superpower and Believe in Yourself;
Demon has Demon Rage;
Angel has extra caster levels, angel Halo bonuses, and spells that deal full damage even if the target saves;

(Demon Rage is trash)
If I understand your question correctly, you want to know if, as a Trickster, you will gain an ability that will increase your group’s combat capabilities.

I’m afraid the answer is no. Trickster is a jack of all trades but almost all of his abilities are passive rather than active. But if you’re specializing in persuasion and take the associated mythic trick, most enemies will be paralyzed right at the beginning of each fight. In addition, you will get a big buff of all that extra magic items and from the improvements of all found magic items.