Translation script for all languages

Hello! My name is Renant Bernabé, I am a big fan of the game and I am motivated by challenges.
I am creating a script in NodeJS to translate the game into any language.

I hope to help the community.


Print Screen enGB to pt (portuguese):

I developed the script in my language, but I will comment on the lines in English soon.

Interesting, how does it handle sentence structure? The Latin Romance languages are very different from languages in Asia as well as Africa…

Yes, I am allso curious because I think there are like around 8 languages where are only few speakers and not a written version at all. So do you mean EVERY single written language in today and in known history even if there are no people around anymore who “normally” use it for speaking (like latin) or just few languages?

Allso I would point out that just translating things from one language to another do not work well. Things like ”all your base are belong to us” ( ). So I have some doubts how it would work in real life.

I’m using a paid google translator API, where AI interprets the text.
To translate into your language, you need to hire the Google translator API and change 2 variables in my code.

// Parametros de Tradução
var traduzir_para = “pt”; // abbreviation of your language
var api_tradutor = “API_KEY_GOOGLE_TRANSLATE”; // your google translator key

The logic of text interpretation is up to google.

The languages ​​supported in my script are limited to those of the google translator.
Below is the link for the supported languages.

The Portuguese translation was very good, I’m having a lot of fun. Thanks to the developers for producing such a fascinating and challenging game.

I took the test and it is translating perfectly into simple Chinese.

I hope this helps the game to be seen by more people around the world.