Transfer pledge and confirm addons

According to the email I received, once signed up here I can transfer my pledge and confirm my add-ons… except there doesn’t seem to be an obvious way to do that. Clicking the link in the email takes me to the store to purchase things.

I had to register then go back into the email and paste the link (note: not click on the link, manually copy and paste it) once I was logged in. This prompted a separate window to popup that allowed me to xfer my backing to the account.

You need to be registered and logged in on the pledge management page -
While logged in, clicking the link with the code in the email will generate a popup, which lets you transfer your pledge and choose addons.

How long does it take for the badges to show up?
Edit: turns out the answer is immediately upon posting again. Nevermind.

Edit 2: Also for anyone else having issues, try turning off noscript if you have it.

Looks like the issue is possible with how Android stores session. Doing it from a phone seems to require copy and pasting the link.

Doing it with Chrome on Windows also requires you to copy and paste the link.

I’ve done it by clicking without a problem (except the known problem of the first link to be misspelled). With Windows 10, Chrome and the mail app of Windows).

Confirmed with the transfer. Just create an account with the preorder link sent to you in the email, then click on the second link in the email (make sure to use your same email) and it will register your pledge and it gets transferred to you forum account. The only thing that tricked me up was there was no noticeable way to discern whether or not this had worked without first posting.

The forums also use your email address as your user name till you change it giving everyone your email.

EDIT: did all tiers get a badge as I don’t have one or remember if my tier got one?

There seems to be some sort of serious disconnect between my forum profile and my backer profile. I tried following the links in the email I received (including the manual copy and paste method), but I couldn’t log in. It kept telling me invalid login. So I tried resting my password. I went to, followed all of the instructions and successfully changed my password (note that I use a password manager and have successfully logged in here multiple times, so there’s no way I was using the wrong password in the first place). Now, using the new password I set up, the backer portal is telling me, “user not found.”

Badges show up after your next post? Let’s see…

Edit: Cool! :slight_smile:

Badge test

Oh well. Something has gone wrong

Looks pretty right to me.

Use a computer not an android phone. All done, but changed my forum name to my email address. but all good now.

I have registered on, Owlcat, and this forum - same email as my Kickstarter pledge. However, there is only a single link in the original email from Owlcat - no code. Ideas?

Thanks, Steve

Hey Steve. That means you’ve missed the first email with the code. Could you please make sure that your spam filter didn’t eat the first email?

It transferred my pledge okay but it wouldnt let me add on anything. Since it showed us all the addons, were we supposed to be able to do that?

Add-ons are bugged right now. We’re working on fixing it ASAP. Please give it another go later.

mm shouldnt my badge be updated too?