Too much CHA based mythic paths. More other attributes please

Or maybe it’s already scaling off WIS? I was pretty sure it did, it’s the first time i am hearing about it being CHA-based?

Well, assuming that someone can actually confirm the mythic caster stat will take into account your initial caster stat, then great.

Play sage sorc … it’s better if you just want to be a powerful spellslinger lich because of higher DCs.

How does sage sorcerer have higher spell dc though?

That is true. If you are merging, you automatically keep your casting attribute and the type (prepared/spontaneous) of your merged class even for your mythic spells

Sorry I thought you were saying it only scaled on Int. My apologies.

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Very sensible idea.

Honestly, the current system is a complete mess. The angel is absolutely amazing and OP in everything, the demon is absolutely terrible in everything and there is no primary melee specialization (except for an angel who has no weaknesses). The demon could be a very decent melee specialization, but the fact that demonic forms completely destroy all weapon specializations and feats makes them more of a caster specialization (though very bad one), because melee classes lose more by transformation than they gain.

Angel has weaknesses alright. They’re still vulnerable to fortitude effects, and mortal strikes that aren’t explicitly death effects. Plus, without merged spells they’re much weaker. Also keep in mind that Angels are still harmed by negative energy, and their sword of heaven can only be used a few times per day. Without that, they’re vulnerable to diseases, death effects, poisons, and sneak attacks. While the Halo can be customized to provide a brief bit of fast healing, among other effects, it doesn’t terribly matter much until you take a couple improvements to it. The summon effects are more useful

I feel like you’re ignoring their (Angel’s) fantastic defensive spells, which make most angel builds (the ones with merged spellbooks) immune to more or less all consequences of failed saves even if they aren’t immune to the initial source of the effect. Drain, stat damage, poisons, diseases, more or less everything.

I’m currently messing around with Azata, and it’s a lot of fun… but it’s nowhere even close to as powerful as my Angel was with a merged spellbook and the Angel Spell list. Even running a max-DC favorable magic insta-win caster - my Azata can neutralize one foe per cast reliably, or SOME encounters that aren’t immune to her AOE disruption.

My Angel could Storm of Justice and damage/knockdown everyone in a room (knockdown is essentially a death sentence), ON TOP of being immune to more or less all negative effects. Sure, my Angel could in theory be hurt… but they typically weren’t, or reduced all consequences for the whole party to simple HP damage.

Angel is currently far and away the best mythic path, and either could stand to be a bit reigned in or others buffed a bit to keep up. And that’s entirely due to merged spellbooks full stop…

On the OPs Topic, the issue is ruleset and tradition. In Pathfinder, non-class based magical abilities are by default associated with Charisma. The far better solution, IMO, is just to base non-class abilities in WotR on the players best stat regardless of which that is. That would be most consistent in play experience for all players, and by definition no more OP than the current scenario if someone builds “correctly”…

Have you heard about this mythical feat?

[Greater Enduring Spells]
You have mastered a way to prolong your beneficial spells.
Benefit: Effects of your spells on your allies that should last longer than 5 minutes but shorter than 24 hours now last 24 hours.

Sun Marked = Permanent
Fortress of the faitful = Permanent
Ward from harm, communal = Permanent
Shield from Demonkind = Permanent
Halo’s Holy Aura = Permanent
Sword of Heaven = Permanent

That is an extremely big permanent protection and a permanent bonus to the DMG for the whole party.
No other mythic path has so many permanent buffs for the whole party.

And as if that wasn’t enough, they will also get strong attack spells, summoning and merged spellbooks…
Angels are better than other Mythic paths in absolutely everything :neutral_face:


Mythic feat? Yes. That same feat can also empower a couple of Aeon abilities, lich spells, and lest we forget, even some Azata spells. That feat in question even works with regular spells. I think most players are not going to be min-maxing their characters like we’ve been doing. Heck most people still aren’t bothering with boundless healing because it’s glitching at times. Not so much permanent as it simply makes it last a day. All it takes is the player forgetting to reapply the spell and they are screwed.

I concede that Aeon and Azata and Demon could use a buff

OP makes a good point about attribute balance among the mythic paths. Many of the paths seem to be powerful based upon abilities that don’t necessarily scale based on primary attribute, however, so I’m not sure that this matters all that much.

Also, the OP should be aware that this game was originally entitled “revenge of the dump stat (cha)” before being renamed to Wrath of the (cha) rogue” and then changed to WOTR. So I suspect this is intentional—charisma gamers have had a chip on their shoulder for years; no this is their bone (like the sorcerer class).

I can imagine that Devil mythic path would have charisma as one of the two primary attributes. Devils are cunning, sly and very charismatic creatures. But demons are wild creatures of chaos and are not exactly known for their charsima (except succubi).

Indeed, based on how disappointing the Demon Path has been so far. (Haven’t played but watched plenty of videos) the minor story elements associated with it do not make up for the subpar character development of the MC and the seemingly “Hulk smash” Anger/Wrath/Hate of a default demon.
Thankfully the Devil Path exists for those of us with a more refined taste of evil. Not to mention the joys of manipulating time itself on the Aeon path. I have neither the patience nor inclination to endure an Azata route. Never mind the fact to attain Devilhood on Azata as a punishment and as a sign of failure. You really mess up when a Chaotic Good creature becomes Lawful Evil, Ihys must be rolling in his grave, and Asmodeus allowing himself a small chuckle.

Highly unlikely.
Devil path has only been mentioned once in the data and is more likely to be a placeholder or a remainder from the early stages of game development. Moreover, you cannot become any powerful devil, the ruler of hell must make you that devil. And the developers are deliberately vague about it because it keeps the conversation going and fueling hype.

They tease us just enough with Datamining and leaks. Reddit has a few profile pictures of a female Devil so I am inclined to believe it is possible. I will make do with a Demon if push comes to shove. Thank evil we aren’t a Daemon. Everyone hates Daemons.

A tenth secret path was mentioned in an interview, and the datamined stuff kept increasing in size between the second alpha and the beta. And it’s not mentioned just once, it’s one of the more fleshed out late-game paths. Not highly unlikely, more like 100% confirmed.


I think that Charisma and Intelligence will be the main two attributes of a Devil Mythic Path. Charisma because Devils have to persuade/trick people into giving their souls and intelligence for making the best deal possible so they get the most out of any prospective chump ahem valued customer so they get the most out of any deal/bargain.

Well, historically lichdom was used almost exclusively by wizards. Starting from times when there simply wasn’t a sorcerer class in D&D. But even later on, by lore lichdom is something you research for years, and carefully prepare very complex ritual.
Not that sorcerers are incapable of doing that. But they just much rarer care to do research on arcane knowledge, but rather keep training themselves to understand their powers intuitively.

Plus lichdom is not the only powerful undeath transformation.