Too much CHA based mythic paths. More other attributes please

Seems like each mythic path scales with a specific attribute >

  • Angel - Wisdom
  • Aeon - Charisma
  • Azata - Charisma
  • Demon - Charisma
  • Lich - Intelligence
  • Trickster - Charisma

Which is a huge advantage for CHA based casters over INT based ones. That said, why not change the mythic path to allow more attributes being important?

  • Angel = WIS or CHA, the highest one
  • Aeon = WIS or INT, the highest one
  • AZATA = CHA or INT, the highest one
  • Demons = STR or CON, the highest one.
  • Lich = INT or WIS, the highest one
  • Trickster = CHA or DEX, the highest one.

Aeon scaling with CHA makes no sense IMO. CHA is force of personality, beauty, willpower, etc. Aeons reinforce reality and are lawful. CHA works better for chaotic mythic paths, but should’t be a attribute for a lawful neutral mythic path. Demons, I would prefer if I could be a demonologist, but seems like most people wanna demon to be a martial focused mythic path hence STR/CON in the demoniac powers makes more sense. Lich, a Death Cleric should be able to become a Lich too and scale with his WIS, a Wizard Lich, scale with INT. Trickster should scale with DEX since a dexterous trickster makes sense on the arquetype.
There is a mod which allow you to chose the mythic path attribute.

source Mythic Spellbook Tweaks at Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous Nexus - Mods and community

When a Lich reach mythic rank 3, he should be able to chose a arcane or a divine spellbook. When a demon reach mythic rank 3, he should be able to chose between using his strength or constitutionas a base for his demoniac powers.


Good thing there’s a mod, because I’m actually peeved by the fact that Lich apparently only scales from INT, which would leave a Sorcerer with Undead Bloodline, a perfect fit for Lichdom, at a severe disadvantage.

I expected, actually, that the Mythic Paths would scale off the basic class’s main attribute, instead of having set-in-stone modifier scaling… so this is actually a big disappointment, if true, to me, as that would mean that I could only enjoy this game with mods, which in turn means there is a serious design oversight present.

INT for Lich is even doubly-stupid… not only, as I said, is one of the most obvious paths to Lichdom a Sorcerer with Undead Bloodline (even says so in this BL’s explanation), but even the Lich itself, being an Undead, scales off CHA for their Hitpoints as they don’t have CON anymore… so with CHA already being such an important attribute for the only Undead class, I really don’t see why they’d make the Lich INT-only.

Especially when a lot of the Liches innate powers themselves are mind/mind-affecting powers… commanding the Undead is a question of Willpower, aka CHA, much more so than it is one of INT.

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Most classic liches are wizards usually.

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But this doesn’t means that a kineticist can’t become a lich, nor a sorcerer, nor a fighter becoming a deathknight.

No, it just means builds have to take into account the mythic path attributes as well.

So, CHA based casters will become even better…

I think you’re forgetting the Arcanist class, it spontaneously casts based off intelligence. My guess is they built it to synergize off of that class somewhat. Also keep in mind the Student of War prestige class benefits from high Intelligence, so a Deathknight build could use that if you’re, say, a fighter.

What do these attributes even affect for the mythic paths? If you are a martial character, you are not going to use the Lich spells that allow a save anyway. And if you merge spellbooks, the added spells scale off your original spellbook’s attribute anyway. So I am pretty sure the attribute barely matters already.

Although Aeon scaling off CHA is weird, since it is based on the Wisdom-based Inquisitor class.

Are you 100% certain of this?
Because the OP’s post sounds like, for example, if I turned my Undead BL Sorcerer into a Lich, all my Lich spells would scale off INT instead of CHA like the rest of my normal spells.

Do you have any sources maybe?

Contrary to what OP suggests the limitations fit thematically.

Wisdom is divine casting.
Intelligence is arcane casting.

Dumb Sorcerers becoming Lich doesnt make any sense. Lich is intelligent.

Mindless Oracles becoming Angel doesnt make any sense too. An Angel is wise.

The other 4 are forces of personality:

  • Law

  • Freedom

  • Egoism

  • Fun

You can still merge your dumb Sorcerer or mindless Oracle but they will be penalized and rightfully so.

How would you classify the Swarm that Walks, a Gold Dragon, or a Devil.

The Gold Dragon is another personality, Redemption. Swarm sounds like 3rd mergeable full caster, potentially takes both divine and arcane because of crazyness. Devil is just lawful Demon so force of personality. LE is greed I think.


Didn’t help, sorry :laughing:


I am 100% certain this is how it works for Lich and 99% certain this is how it works for Angel. People had no problems with Lich Sorcerers in Beta 1, as far as I have seen from the discord discussions, and there is a user there who ran what seems like a million Lich characters.

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Let’s hope this stays true then.

I mean, if worst came to worst, there’d still be the mod, but it would be nice for the game to not be as inflexible as the OP’s post makes it seem.

I don’t think this is accurate. I’m currently running a Lich Sorcerer and my Lich spells still seem to scale off of cha. I just casted exsanguinate twice, once with the headband of charisma +4 and once without. My saving throw requirement dropped by 2 when unequipping the headband.

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Earlier in this thread someone clarified that merged spell book mythics seem to be more flexible, but Aeon, Azata, Trickster and Demon don’t allow merging.

That’s exactly how I said it works. But thanks for confirming!

Well this is weird because no current Inquisitor archetype uses CHA as a caster stat that I’m aware of.

Seems like they really should have made Aeon base off of WIS, but I suppose they’re probably gonna add a cha based INQUISITOR archetype…