Tiefling Heritages should look differnt!

Please gives us Teifling models that match their subrace!.

example: Rakshasa Spawn official art!

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This is definitely something I’d like to see, but essentially it would be like adding like 10+ more races to the game art wise, because you know if they made art for each tiefling heritage people would want one for each aasimar as well. While this would be great, I don’t see it happening, especially when they could use those resources implement more races instead.


I actually like this idea. Although Loco does make a good point, I think it would be good for a DLC after the game is released. That way the artists aren’t having to do all of that while the game is still in the Alpha Phase.

I want less human looking things in general.
I’m human in real life, I don’t want to be human in my fantasy/sci-fi games.


It always bugged me that Tiefling are always represented with human feature when every race can, technically have fielon ancestor.

Tieflings heritages models would for sure add some diversity and coolness to Tieflings. But if they do that for Tieflings why you don’t do it for Aasimar aswell? I suppose it would be a lot of time investment.

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Only time I want to be human in an RPG is if I am superhuman in ability. Case and point- my mutation warrior fighter in a long running game I’m in. Dude can smack around large creatures like they are smaller than he is, and put a fear of men incased iron into wyverns hearts.

I’ve missed this thread while the poll was open, so I’ll add my vote here:

I’ve long, well, longed for visual representation of my subrace/heritage choice in most RPGs… even in isometric, I always found it sad that basically every Tiefling looked more or less exactly like the other, despite having vastly differing heritages, etc.

If nothing else with Baldur’s Gate 3, at least the skin tones are more varied than usual.

Sadly Larian can no longer make truly unique looking Tieflings since their look has been standardized in 5E.

That’s why I hope we get more unique looking Tieflings for Pathfinder

At the very least I would like to have the option to disable the horns and/or tail during character creation. Since only a handful heritages actually possess them.

Bonus points if we could instead give them a chitineous look akin to Wenduag’s, or scales like two-face Lann possess. Maybe that could be done via an model overlay texture to make such additions more reasonable on a time/resource level.

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I missed this before, but I can say it’s always bugged me in Kingmaker how you have all these different heritage’s, but the character models all have horns and tails.

Maybe some options? Glowing eyes, altered legs, weird facial features? Something so all the tieflings don’t look exactly the same.

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You would have to do the same thing with the other races that have different sub classes: Aasimar, Oread…

Thats one hell of a lot of work. It seems like a waste of time to me.

I would rather have them focus on making sure the game isn’t a buggy mess at launch like Kingmaker was.

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