This or Pillars of Eternity2:Deadfire?


I have four children and job in Russia at a potato factory.
I will not get both!:frowning:
Help me decide guys!

There will be half a year between the release dates of both games. That’s more than enough time to get both no matter how large the family. Or simply wait until both are released and wait for reviews to show up. Maybe even wait for good price drop amongst the sales over at GoG. That’s all there’s to it, really.

Personally, I’m waiting until Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is released and I’m able to read its reviews. Didn’t like much Pillars of Eternity 1. So I’m cautious of getting burnt a second time.

I backed both games, but I’m a lot more excited about this one.

Also… aren’t potatoes grown? How do you mass produce potatoes in a factory?

Kingmaker has the potential to be a much better game than Pillars 2, in my opinion. But I didn’t particularly like Pillars 1.

And a potato factory could be a factory that processes the potatoes, Strat. It probably involves cutting, cleaning, and packaging them.

Processing potatoes? So… he makes Vodka then? Wouldn’t it be called a Vodka factory?

I was thinking more along the lines of something like this.

Wait so long…
PoE2 reminds me of Pathfinder: Skull and Shackles---->I have not seen the sea for six years!

This is true guys

Feel bit shamed to admid but same here. No idea why, maybe because kingmaker is so great adventure path and I really love pathfinder.

But I did really like Pillars of Eternity, just not so much for they addon’s. I am waiting for both games and I personally DID enjoy to play every combat in Pillars slow motion, move by move for every party member.

I will probably end up buying PoE2 when it comes out (actually, this project made me pick up PoE again in anticipation), but I don’t understand the trend to crowdfund sequels. Sure, it made perfect sense for PoE and D:OS since they were a big financial risk, but why do they keep doing that after they (presumably) made a profit on the first games? Smells less like a talent sponsorship and more like a get-rich-quick scheme to me at this point.
That said, I would totally INVEST in PoE2 if I had a spare 1K. I have invested 10 pounds in Project Cars (this was in the blessed pre-UCITS days) and it has paid me back about 30 pounds by now.

Under Communism this games was would be free…

The RoI on Fig investment is really really bad. I would recommend against it. You can do better just putting that money in a bank account with a reasonable interest rate over the same period of time. In that sense you’re really losing money on that investment, even if the game is successful. Especially when you factor in the risk that the game might not be successful.

Define reasonable interest rate? In my bank it’s currently 0.03% - A 1K EUR on 2-year deposit will net me 61 cents before tax. And of course any sort of venture/equity investment carries a significant risk, but specifically PoE2 is on a lower end of the curve (barring something like a global Internet crackdown of course, but then it will be the least of problems).

Here in America, %0.03 is a bit low for a savings account. I have .5% (Mind you, that’s a restrictive 10 year account, though).

I think the root question will be how much you liked POE1. If you liked it a lot, then… honestly, it may make sense to go with the known vs the unknown.

If you didn’t like it or didn’t play it, then that may be a reason to be slightly biased towards Kingmaker, as you’re not as much in the middle of the story.

I’d say my expectations on quality between the two games is going to be equally high. Given that POE1 was really quite good (score of 89 on metacritic. even including the mandatory dings for not being an ARPG first-player) and that I expect POE2 to be somewhere in the same quality ballpark, that also means that I have some solid hopes for Kingmaker.

In any case, I’d really just say that you should sell your youngest into slavery to have the time and money to play both! :slight_smile:

Both POE and Kingmaker are focussing on different things (or at least emphasising different things in their campaigns). POE seem to be all about “lookie what we can do with 2D hand drawn stuff now! Ain’t it pretty!?” wheras Kingmaker seems to be emphasising the characters - that’s the main difference anyway. Personally I found POE’s world fairly dreary, and the themes were way too inspired by modern day atheism to be very appealing to me. A shared universe with a pantheon of gods sounds much more appealing.

Like PoE 1, i would wait few months for PoE 2 before playing it, making sure patches are already out. For PFK, not sure i would be able to wait…

I agree
But my wife will be against it:(

Yeah I was also severely disappointed with PoE, not interested in purchasing PoE2 unless reviews (both critic and user) are extremely positive.

I’m really looking forward to play Pathfinder: Kingmaker though, my most anticipated game!! :smiley:
I bought it!
bye Pathnfinder: Kingmaker…
I’m not sure that I will be bored:rolleyes:

Yes it is april 3:rd (release date) but I have a feeling that I have played it enough (if not 100% throught) by the time Pathfinder Kingmaker will be out. (So my choice was “both” + Tyranny addon I just bought today for steam sale)