This "game" is a lemon. A lie. I'm done

The tenebrous depths bugs have erased two and a half days of playtime. I’m not interested in starting over. I’m done with the huge problems involved in this game, and would like information on how to go about getting a refund.

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Xbox users can go here:
We were sold a fraudulent bill of goods, and should not be stuck with it.

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How so? Did you die?

The stand alone DLC is set on Last Azlanti by default, Ironman.

I didn´t get many bugs in the last DLC. Just som strange mechanics i dont really understand.

But yeah, with so many bugs I live with the fear of getting a side quest from Anthony Fauci (CDC leader):).

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No deaths. I waited quite a while before starting, and only completed the first four floors. I saved upon exit, and noticed a loss of save slots. I hard saved again after returning to the capitol only to see I was down to a single slot. This, of course, was after the regular quick saves involved in the trip. I slept, and saved again. Still, there was only a single slot. So, I turned it off for the day.
Coming back, I had a single save that went all the way back to the end of the bloom event. I reloaded several times, and on every one, the whole group of characters were together outside the top left area of the throne room. I could not get them back on the map, so even the one old save I had left is unusable.
I’m just burned out on all of the problems. The first patch addressed some, but mostly relatively minor or specific character issues. The notes for the upcoming patch didn’t mention several other game breaking problems. I don’t want to wait around for the presumed eventuality of a truly fixed port that still isn’t really console friendly.

Fauci isn’t CDC. He’s the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Both are political animals, though, so I understand the confusion. I also agree with the sentiment of your statement.
If you play more than three hours, speak to Ivar before starting the tenebrous depths, start the tenebrous depths, sell more than a few items at a time, sell a few items too many times, aggro too many beasts or goblins, or hit too many beasts or goblins with a kineticist aoe, bbbbdddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd crash.


Thanks for the description. This is happening on XB1, build, right?
You saved after the first 4 levels of Tenebrous Depths, with the save the only one remaining? After you saved again the other save slot was gone, too? You saved both saves in the same slot? Too bad getting savegames from the XB1 is sheer impracticability.

Yes, XB1 and current build.
Due to known issues, I set 4 slots for each save type. I exited TD with 8 total saves shown, and wrote over 1. I traded with Honest Guy, and saved again due to my experiences with crashes following the lengthy process of trading. At that point, I noticed that I had fewer save slots.
Next, I went directly to the capitol without resting. After receiving the notice that the quick save was complete, I brought up the list of saves from the load menu. Well, it should have been a list, anyway.
Instead, there was a single save of indeterminate type with a completely white image. I chose to create a new save.
Checking again to find the same situation, I went to private chamber and rested. I thought this should create a new quick save. It didn’t. As is the usual, I turned the game off in frustration.
Continuing the following day took me back several hours to the Jhod conversation that follows the bloom event. Reloading from the single, white screened save restarted the conversation, but the whole of my last used party was outside the map. Only their outlines were visible, and I could not find a way back to the map.
So, I’m left with one save that removed many hours of gameplay, and it’s not even useable. I don’t care to start over. Apparently, my interest in playing the game at all was tied to continuing the game I had been playing. The thought of starting over with all the time spent in loading screens, the frustration of juggling menus to accomplish simple actions, the hours spent in the increasingly slow process of trading, and the looming threat of another crash behind every single action makes me angry that I was taken.
That’s the truth of it. I feel that I was defrauded. You offered a complete game, but delivered a damned mess that should have been sorted in beta at the latest. You promised an experience and interaction that was not delivered. You sold a product that was broken not at delivery, not with light use, but was broken at the time of the sale. You knew you would not be holding up your end, too. It’s evident in the day 1 patch that only arrived “on time” on playstation. You knew your product did not perform as intended or promised, yet took money for it anyway. You should be ashamed.