Things we Know about The Sequel to Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Okay, so there are two publicly available projects coming down the pipe from Owlcat. This is where I’m hoping to centralize information about them.

They are in no particular order: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous And Pathfinder: Kingmaker Console Ports.

So let’s Discuss!

EDITED: Added More Info about Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter.

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

So what do we know about Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous, the Computer Game?

The Overall Game:

  • Wrath will be based off the same First Edition rules as Kingmaker, with a few 2E additions, like backgrounds. This will include Mythic Rules, though they are somewhat different in game. The Game also includes Mod-Support and a Turn-Based Mode based off the Pathfinder: Kingmaker Turn-Based mod by Hsinyu.

  • The game will be on an Updated version of the Unity Engine, and Owlcat has cleared up a lot of technical debt, so it should be easier to program, with less bugs. It is my understanding that this new ease of programming should help carry over to the modding scene.

  • Much prettier and shinier.

  • The game will be localized in: English, French, German, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish (Castellano Dialect).

  • No release Date has been formally Disclosed, but Owlcat seems to expect it out by mid to late 2021.

The Source Material:

Wrath of the Righteous is an Adventure Path where the central Premise is that a Demon Lord is slowly invading the World of Golarion (the same world as Kingmaker) and is trying to make Golarion part of their Realm in the Abyss. Several Crusades have been launched to stop this, they all failed. Now, It’s your turn, and if you don’t succeed this time? The world is doomed. To Succeed, you need to lead a Crusade, murder a Demon Lord, and Close the Portal to the Abyss. You are In charge of the Crusade, “Knight Commander.” Its success or failure is up to you. Of course, you aren’t some mere mortal like the leaders of Crusades past! Something happens early on, that gives you “Mythic Power”; a Power way beyond that of your standard adventurer that lets you “Break the rules” of normal Pathfinder in specific fun ways. Of course, you aren’t the only one with Mythic Power… Your Enemies have it too.

Mythic Power:

At a point pretty early in the game you gain Mythic Power, which gives you access to Mythic Abilities and Mythic Paths. Your Mythic power gives you 5 types of abilities:

  1. Mythic Feats. Both you and your companions get them as you progress in Mythic level. They’re more powerful feats.
  2. General Mythic abilities. You and your companions both get them. They are similar for all mythic paths. But some are gated to your mythic path for you AND companions.
  3. Mythic Abilities Inherent to your path. Like all Liches are immune to Death Attack.
  4. Selected Mythic Abilities. For example demons can select different demon aspects to gain abilities of demons. Brimorak aspect will make your weapons flaming during demonic rage, you can breathe fire and you are probably immune to fire.
  5. All 6 common Mythics have Mythic spell-books. The uncommon have different spell books. The spells act like spells. Different paths do it differently. some are prep-casters, some are spontaneous casters.

The Path specific powers are limited to just your character, because your companions can’t get paths.

These Mythic Paths are something only the most exception of heroes have access to and they work as follows:

Mythic Paths have Quest Elements you use to unlock them for your character. These require decisions on your part, for example, travelling the Lich Path involves a lot of evil choices to get what you want. Some Paths may be unlocked initially, and it seems you’ll always end up with a Mythic path of some sort. Mythic Path choice is finalized at the end of the second chapter. Any Class or Alignment can take Any Mythic Path, but some Alignments might find taking some paths pretty hard (i.e. since lich requires some evil choices, it may be hard to stay a paladin while you take the path). For example: Lich is patterned off of Wizard, and as a wizard, the Lich advances their caster level, gets access to spells earlier, and gains access at some point to 10th level spells. As a fighter, the Lich gets a caster level and a spellbook which grants a small assortment of spells, including one that lets you give your weapon vampiric touch.

The path you choose is NOT JUST MECHANICAL. It will heavily affect the story; as well as influence your crusade. Lich will have a lot more Skeletons in their army than other paths. Angel Path would get Angels, like Movanic Devas, fighting with you

Fundamentally, Mythic paths act like a second class that you advance in parallel to the class you take when you level up. The Path adds to your class abilities and can even give you different abilities depending what your main class is.

There are 9 Mythic Paths: 6 Early Mythics Angel, Aeon, Azata, Demon, Lich, and Trickster; and 3 Late Mythics Legendary; Swarm-That-Walks, and Gold Dragon; and All Mythic Paths have a Reference Class that they are (loosely) based off of in abilities and style. The late game Paths are more “mechanically insane.”

Some powers are common to all paths; prior to unlocking Gold-Dragon and Swarm-That-Walks, there was an interview stating that all paths will have the ability to summon allies. Angel Path can summon Angels, Demon path can summon Demons, Trickster path can summon Fae; and Lich path can summon Skeletons.

Spellcasting Work Differently for each Mythic Path with each Path gaining casting patterned off of its reference class.

What we know about each path is as follows:

Angel - Holy Warrior

Reference Class: Cleric/Paladin

Casting: Increases Caster Level By Angel Level boosting non-Mythic Casting.

Summons: Angels

Cool stuff: Wings! Healing! Bolts of divine judgment!

Angels are about being Good and beating demons.

Aeon - Cosmic Judge of Balance

Reference Class:Inquisitor

Casting: As Yet Unknown; but the Kickstarter trailer had a really cool looking spell that looked like you sucked an entire universe into a black hole.

Summons: As Yet Unknown

Cool Stuff: Have the ability to see people at the center of cosmic disruptions of balance. They can Travel through Rifts in Time to correct events in the Past and reap the benefits (or fallout) in the Present.

Aeons are about Balance, and Time Travel and Resolving Paradoxes. They’re a “Time Traveling Fusion of Judge Dredd and Merlin.” Aeon can tell who is Guilty of Destroying Balance. They can look into a soul and know if it’s guilty or not - though they don’t always know what a person actually did to destroy the balance.

Azata - Celestial Squirrel Girl (Superhero)

Reference Class: Bard

Casting: Has its own Spell Book. Spells are mostly Buffs and Mind-effecting

Summons: As yet Unknown

Cool Stuff: Has a Havoc Dragon Companion that will help in Combat and Interject itself into social conversations (so basically an extra Companion?) that does not start out Large but grows to become Large.

Azatas are all about nature, and occasionally you’ll be followed by Woodland Creatures.

Demon - Super Angry All The Time

Reference Class: Bloodrager/Barbarian

Casting: As yet Unknown mechanics. Will have a lot of Swift Action spells.

Summoning: Demons

Cool Stuff: Demonic Rage! A Special Sort of Rage that stacks and/or blends with the Barbarian and Bloodrager’s Rages. The more you activate it per day, the less control you will have over your character during the rage. Demonic Rage will give access to “Demonic Aspects” that give you aspects of demons when you use it. Examples this are the Brimorak which gets flaming weapons, immunity to fire, and some other stuff; and the Shadow Demon which turns you attacks Incorporeal. You can also Shape Change into Demons. You also get a cool set of Horns.

There’s a Thematic Link to rage in Dialogues and events in story; whether you master your rage and control it or whenther you go flying off the handle completely and unleash it…

Lich - The Evil Dead

Reference class: Wizard

Casting: Adds the Lich Level to your caster level. This will give you access to spells earlier, and 10th level casting. Lich gets a Late game spell can create a pit with a Nightcrawler in it, a sentient negative energy elemental of immense power that looks like a nightmare of a centipede. Bone Spear is also a spell. It kills and enemy and turns them into a bone spear that is launched at other enemies.

Summoning: Undead

Cool Stuff: You can turn defeated bosses into Undead and take them on as your companions. You can make your armies undead. As a wizard, the Lich advances their caster level, gets access to spells earlier, and gains access at some point to 10th level spells. As a fighter, the Lich gets a caster level and a spellbook which grants a small assortment of spells, including one that lets you give your weapon vampiric touch. You gain immunity to diseases, death effects, poisons, and other weaknesses common to those of flesh and blood. Few undead can resist your commands, and the ones already serving you will become stronger and stronger. Eventually you become a complete undead — forsaking the prison of flesh and life, and changing your appearance and portrait. You will then be able to paralyze with a single touch, and will be able to gain even more attributes of the undead, such as energy-draining eyes, magical claws, wings of bone

Some of your Companions may not like your style and will make themselves known and may even may flee in the face of your newfound power. But don’t worry! As the lich, you’ll be able to recruit some of the enemies that you’ve defeated to become your undead minions and eventually your complete party can be comprised of these minions that serve under you. For example, when you kill a boss and choose to bring it back from the dead, it becomes part of your collection. “ the road to lichdom begins by summoning a loyal skeletal champion, fleshcrafting wings of bone or something else upon your champion, or forging weapons from the souls and bones of fallen crusaders.”

Trickster – Fourth Wall-Breaking Metagamer.

Reference Class: Eldritch Scion Rogue (but very very loosely)

Casting: As yet Unknown. There’s a Spell to heal your companions.

Summoning: Fey

Cool Stuff: Can reroll dice for you to change 1s to 20s. The fey is not really about tricking others. It’s about Tricking the world. Trickster gets access to Mythic skills. Knowledge: world replaces dice rolls of 1 with Natural 20s. Athletics allows you to remove conditions like poison and Nausea.

This path is all about fun and mischief. The Trickster can Manipulate Probability. When they miss (with a roll of a 1 on a 20-side die), they can change it to a 20. And you see the roll change before your eyes, as if your character is tweaking the dice that underlay the world and the game.

Legend - Not your Ordinary Mortal

Reference Class: As yet Unknown.

Casting: As yet Unknown.

Summoning: As yet Unknown.

Cool Stuff: At some point you’ll be able to reject outside power and decide to use only your mortal abilities powered by your own mythic power. This is a Rejection of the other paths, but it’s still a path with Power and abilities, and an effect on the game’s story. Beyond that we don’t know much.

Gold Dragon – Protector of the Realm

Reference Class: As yet Unknown.

Casting: As yet Unknown (but Probably like Sorcerer).

Summoning: Dragons

Cool Stuff: Spell Resistance from Scales. Frightening Aura. A Powers Roar with Mind effecting effects?

Thematically linked to Mercy and Redemption; and Terendelev.

Swarm-That-Walks – Made of millions of insects.

Reference Class: As yet Unknown.

Casting: As yet Unknown.

Summoning: As yet Unknown.

Cool Stuff: Damage Reduction like a Swarm, Infest your enemies, devouring them from the inside while moving their bodies like puppets on strings. Grow your power endlessly with each foe that falls prey to your hunger. Consume your Emeies! Sacrifice your Allies!

Be as Powerful and Invincible as the Swarm of Spiders in Kingmaker! Fear No One! Devour all in your way! Thematically linked to Betrayal and Deskari.

Mounted Combat and Evolved Animal Companions:

We have Unlocked Mounted Combat! They’re not sure what level they’ll be able to do this at, but they gave us the minimum they’ll accept, and what they want to add after that.

Minimum: AT LEAST mounted Combat the way it is in tabletop. All the appropriate animal companions will be mounts (this includes, Horse, Elk, Mastodon, and Similodon. … Possibly also Bear), and all your party members will be able to ride them. While mounted, all classes will be able to shoot, attack, cast spells, and generally do most of the things they can do on foot. You can mount your mount and ride them. And you’ll be one unit with bonuses to attack and mounted actions. Your mount will die first, as a meat shield.

  • Improvements after that: turn patterns. special mounted feats, Styles. Flags and so on.

  • Mounted maps will be similar. everywhere your mastodon can go, you can go on your mastodon.

  • Paladins (Including Seelah) will have access to Mount Bond.

  • Mounts return to life if you sleep at camp.

  • You will be able to name your Animal Companions, select their feats on level-ups, select their archetype, and equip them with: belts, rings, amulets, barding, and special new items to improve their teeth and claws. Come of these Items will be seen on the Anima Companion’s In-Game Model.

  • Confirmed Animal Companion Archetypes are: Bodyguard, Charger, and Draconic.

Crusade Management:

This replaces the Kingdom Management, Advisor, and Artisan systems from Kingmaker. You’ll be able to raise armies, secure troops, and move those armies to key strategic positions on the world map. If you have a spare force, you can even send armies to distant corners of the map to explore and discover secrets. You can Capture Strategic Locations, and you can even send your armies out to Accquire artifacts that you can then turn into equipment. Your Knights will also come back with loot; money and items including weapons and items you can later improve!

  • What Mythic Path you choose will also influence your crusade. Lich will have a lot more Skeletons in their army than other paths. Angel Path would get Angels, like Movanic Devas, fighting with you.

  • The Army Management system is custom for the game, not based off of Tabletop.

  • Companion Roles for the army system are: Strategist, General, Diplomat, Spymaster, and Archmage/Archpriest (this may be one role or two, it was unclear).

  • You can Recruit Hellknights for your Armies!

The Mechanics:

The Game will play very similarly to Kingmaker, Isomentric Real Time With Pause; with the addition of a Turn-Based Mode. Mechanics are mostly based off of First edition with some second edition touches like Backgrounds and 10th level Spells.

  • New Spells!

  • Improved Enemy AI!

  • Enemies will now Teleport In To Ambush You and Use Dispel Magic!

  • Time Limits have been much reduced from Kingmaker. The Army, not Time is your main story-telling resource.

  • You should still be able to celebrate your birthday with your companions.

  • They Want to add Scribe Scroll, but no promises on if it will be in the final game.


11 Confirmed Companions! Possibly more!

  • Seelah, the Iconic Paladin, is a Companion as per the key Art revealed in the reveal campaign, and confirmed by Devs. She will be “The only Iconic in the party.”
  • Ember and her fatbird Soot (Elven Child Crusader Girl, New Witch Archetype)
  • Camellia (Half-Elf Noblewoman Shaman with Custom Spirit Hunter Archetype and an unknown alignment)
    -A Romance Option if we get the newest Stretch Goal!
  • Sosiel Vaenic (Human Cleric of Shelyn)

  • Arueshalae (Succubus)

  • Arueshalae is a Romance Option.
  • Regill (Bleachling Gnome Hellknight)

  • Lann (Unanimously Voted Sexiest male Companion) (Mongrelman Zen Archer Monk)

  • Woljif Jefto (Eldritch Scoundrel Rogue)
  • Daeran (Cold-hearted Aasimar Oracle Bon-vivant)
  • A Romance Option if we get the new Stretch Goal!
  • Party Size is the Same as Kingmaker

Other Characters:

  • Irabeth Tirabade and her wife Annevia are confirmed to be in the game in an Important capacity.

*Characters from Kingmaker will make an appearance. No Word on what characters, or who, or how, or why.

Classes & Races:
12 races: everything from Kingmaker including Tiefling, with the addition of Dhampir (half-Vampires), Oreads (Rock people) and One of the following Three races: Kitsune, Catfolk, and Ratfolk. No Grippli unless they run out of Stretch Goals, though.

  • Dhampir will come with the following heritages: Jiang-shi-born, Moroi-born, Nosferatu-born, and Vetala-born

24 classes: Alchemist, Arcanist, Bard, Barbarian, Bloodrager, Cavalier, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Inquisitor, Kineticist, Magus, Monk, Oracle, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Skald, Slayer, Sorcerer, Warpriest, Witch, and Wizard.

??? Prestige Classes: The 7 from Kingmaker (Aldori Swordlord, Arcane Trickster, Dragon Disciple, Eldritch Knight, Mystic Theurge, Stalwart Defender, and Duelist), plus Assassin, Hellknight, Student of War, And Winter Witch. Hellknight Signifier has been implied, but not confirmed, and there may be others as well. Hellknight orders confirmed in game are: Godclaw and Order of the Pike

Each Class will have 5 Archetypes/Archetype-like class features. There is a Stretch Goal Coming up to Make that Six which seems like we will hit it so I will be listing 6. 3 will be from Kingmaker, and 3 will be new for Wrath. Some of these Archetypes are custom built for the game.

The Archetypes we know are as follows:

Alchemist - Chiurgeon, Grenadier, Vivisectionist, ???, ???, ???

Arcanist - , ???, ???, ???

Barbarian - Armored Hulk, Mad Dog, Invulnerable Rager, ???, ???, ???

Bard - Archaeologist, Flame Dancer, Thunder Caller, Dirge Bard, ???, ???

Bloodrager -, ???, ???, ???

Cavalier - Beast Rider, Disciple of the Pike, Gendarme, Knight of the Wall, Standard Bearer, ??? (Class Includes Orders; Cockatrice, Dragon, and Staff, are all confirmed.)

Cleric - Herald Caller, Ecclesitheurge, Crusader, ???, ???, ???

Druid - Blight Druid, Defender of the True World, Feyspeaker, ???, ???, ???

Fighter - Aldori Defender, Tower Shield Specialist, Two-Handed Fighter, Dragonheir Scion, Armiger, Mutation Warrior

Inquisitor - Sacred Huntsman, Monster Tactician, Tactical Leader, ???, ???, ???

Kineticist - Dark Elementalist, Psychokineticist, Kinetic Knight, Overwhelming Soul, ???, ???

Magus - Eldritch Archer, Eldritch Scion, Sword Saint, ???, ???, ???

Monk - Scaled Fist, Sensei, Traditional Monk, Zen Archer, Sohei, ???

Oracle - ???, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???

Paladin - Divine Hunter, Divine Guardian, Hospitaler, Martyr, Warrior of Holy Light, ???

Ranger - Freebooter, Flame Warden, Stormwalker, ???, ???, ???

Rogue - Eldritch Scoundrel, Knife Master, Thug, ???, ???, ???

Shaman -Spirit Hunter (This Archetype doesn’t exist in Tabletop, but apparently gives the Shaman the ability to enhance weapons like a Magus), Possessed, Spirit Warden, Unsworn, Witch doctor, ???
Skald - Battle Scion, Court Poet, Demon Dancer, Herald of the Horn, Hunt Caller, ???

Slayer - Deliverer, Spawn Slayer, Vanguard, ???, ???, Arcane Enforcer (a master of special arcane tricks similar to arcanists’ exploits).

Sorcerer - Empyreal, Sage, and Sylvan, ???, ???, ???

Warpriest - Champion of the Faith, Cult Leader, Disenchanter, Feral Champion, Shield Bearer, ???

Witch – Hagbound Witch, Hex Channeler, Ley Line Guardian, Winter Witch (a requirement for an unlocked prestige class), A special Archetype created for the Game that a Companion uses.

Wizard -Scroll Savant, Arcane Bomber, Thassilonian Specialist, Exploiter Wizard, ???, ???

Oracle will likely have access to the following Mysteries: Battle, Ancestor, Nature, life, and death (and probably some elemental mysteries too).

Shaman Spirits: Battle, Bone, Wind,

Oracle will likely have access to the following curses: Blackened, Hellbound, Lame, Plagued (or Wasting), Powerless Prophecy.

Miscellaneous stuff:

*Alexander Mishulin, Owlcat’s Creative Director, promised fewer bugs on release. He mentioned new Narrative Tools. These were revealed on Discord as being “Etudes” Instead of on/off variables in the narrative tree, Etudes apparently offer multi-set variables. This allows more freedom to make complicated choices without creating a terrifying tangle of code. Not being a Programmer, that’s all I got out of the explanation.

  • “Players of the original adventure path will encounter a lot of familiar faces and encounters, but [there] also will be new characters, twists, and stories”

*The game will be Darker in Visual Style and Tone.

  • Chris Avellone is back on board lending a hand and supporting the narrative team as he did with Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

  • Owlcat is working to make the game more User-Friendly for Players unfamiliar with the Pathfinder System.

  • a new system To deal with Branching bugs exists. It is a bot that permanently drops random decisions in the game and thus also covers extremely unusual routes that a tester would not even think about.

  • No Imported Saves from Kingmaker.

  • When asked about a Book to get in the mood for the game, Thainen, a Narrative Designer Suggested “All Quiet on the Western Front.”

Throwing Axes?

Trying to make Loot Better. You’ll meet your type of weapons more frequently than in kingmaker. You can make them from items your armies bring you. They want more feats for many styles of combat including ranged combat.
Platforms: Windows, steam and GOG only so far.

Time limits as they were in Kingmaker are gone.
More customization since we Unlocked more Hair and Beard Styles. This will include Dredlocks.

Instead of Time, Wrath uses your Army to tell a story.

New In-depth tutorials with neat tooltips during Character Building and to tell you if buffs and items conflict. Tutorials will focus more on how to play a PATHFINDER game, rather than a generic CRPG.

Chris Avellone is back

Music will be performed by a Sympony Orchestra.

“ Be prepared to meet with the Hellknights, the undead army from Geb, the infernal Dukes of Hell, the hideous but honorable mongrels, or even renegade demons”
Doubled Reactivity!
Turn-Based Mode!
Advanced Animal Companions!

Graphical Improvements!
Musical Excellence!
In-Game Events and Etudes!

NO Requirement to be Good. You can Be Evil!

Owlcat tries to allow you a lot of ways to derail the story…

New companion has Grandma Patron. She was her grandma, and her dad’s grandma, and her grampa’s grandma… Also, no straight answer as to whether this grandma’s house is related to a chicken.

Special New Witch Archetype!

Whole Sandbox Chapter

Interactivity to Deity choice… Wanted but may not be implemented

New Character (the elf from the key art, though that wasn’t mentioned and the Key art is an incorrect depiction of her) is based off a concept of Child Crusader. She is Mentally a child. and a Witch. With a whole new Cha casting Archetype.

Console Ports

  • We are Getting PS4, and X-Box One Ports, according to This Financial Report.

  • Oleg the studio head announced at Big Deal Game Conference that while dates are tentative, the port is expected either late 2019, or early 2020.

  • A suspicious survey arrived in April 2019, asking about Console Ports, Companion AI, and Turn-Based Modes.

  • UI usability improvements will be available in Enhanced Edition. and the UI is being adapted for the console release.

  • As of an interview, Ports should arrive in 2020.

Important links:

➼ The official Website:
➼ Kickstarter:

➼ Twitch:

➼ Twitter:

➼ Facebook:

➼ Instagram:

➼ YouTube:

➼ Discord:

That’s all I have so far. I’ll keep this thread updated as I learn more.


I remember one time when I chatted with Kotarsis (last week?) he said that a lot of people in Owlcat’s studio were currently doing lovecraft horror PnP. I don’t think it’s likely that the sequel is going to be something so far off pathfinder, but who knows? maybe in a year or two we will see :smiley:

EDIT : found the post :

written on 27th of february 2019

reading the post again, it might meant more as ‘‘outside the studio PnP’’ rather than what they did with kingmaker while developping the game. Sorry :expressionless:

Although I saw your own post on this thread

You made some very solid points.

I can tell you now that some of the Studio Leads (I believe it’s Creative Director Mishulin actually) absolutely hate Lovecraftian Horror. It seems very unlikely we’ll be getting Strange Aeons or Carrion Crown out of Owlcat as a result.

I’ve also since learned that some of my reasoning surrounding DLC 3 was wrong. Not all of it, but some. None of that is stuff I can elaborate on though since it’s not public information.

Oh, good. I also dislike lovecraftian pseudo-horror. I’d rather have more classic gothic horror (Ravenloft-style), if they chose horror-based setting. No horror at all is even best, though. :slight_smile:

Some brief observations of today’s stream:

While my prior opinion was “no more DLC after Under the Stolen Lands”, Thainen and K0tarsis both said that “We’re not ready to talk about DLC until after we finish all three of the DLC we promised our fans and sold in the season pass.” This is a much less firm answer than the one I expected: “No, we’re not planning to sell any more DLC for Kingmaker.”

They have confirmed that the next game is NOT going to be a direct sequel to Kingmaker but instead will be a different AP. They were very firm on the “Not a sequel to Kingmaker” part, and much more teasing on the “probably a different AP” part; being unwilling to officially confirm that they are in fact working on another Pathfinder Game.

They have also confirmed that the Endless dungeon will be playable in the main campaign and also in Endless mode, but it will not be playable in the main campaign post ending. No idea how they’ll deal with the time limits…

According to Today’s Stream:
DLC 3 Is a “Procedurally Generated dungeon” like a Rogue-like. You can grind experience, get new items fight bosses that are “very Hard.”
There’s minimal narrative content (basically just a narrative framing device). No New Companions or overarching story.

LV 20, here we go!!!

But i wish we could get new story/companions too.

That makes me worried.

I seriously hope those “very hard” bosses won’t end up being 100% artificial difficulty like the PoE2 Mega-Bosses cause those were one of the worst pieces of content i’ve ever seen released in years. Each and every one of them ended up being “You don’t have this spell/item? Well, F you then”

If “Very Hard” means having to micromanage movement, figuring out the strategy and positioning the boss to reduce damage/whatever, then it’s going to be great, otherwise it’s going to be a repeat of mega-bosses and everyone will end up using cheap tricks/exploits or straight up ignore them like in PoE2

Well k0tarsis said that if the 3rd dlc sells well there will make another dlc so we might get more dlcs if this is the last dlc i would like it if there can add in the mythic paths

Agreed and new classes and races i really want to play as a rimesoul frost undine winter witch

Yes. Mythic paths would tie up greatly with this new DLC.

With the lv 20 cap and no reason to share xp outside active party after completing all companion quests, the trip in the endless dungeon for endgame players might become rewardless quick without mythic or epic levels to grow.

I was thinking the same thing if there leave it at level 20 it would get boring fast

I hate playing at high levels is really boring. If they will make a new DLC I hope it is something to be included in the base campaign as a side story or new mid-level low comrades. New classes or new races are welcome, but frankly I am interested in a good story.

I almost forget about the digital bonus adventure module so we will be getting one more dlc after the 3rd dlc here is the link to it

The digital bonus adventure module will be a pdf-only tabletop book or an extra quest to be played in game (like Varnhold Lot)? Or both?

The steam thread didn´t make that clear to me…

We will have to wait and see but my bet is it’s a dlc like varnhold

Hope you´re right. I like TT books, but i´d rather get more cRPG time :slight_smile:

I think he was talking from Chris Avellone made Adventure Module for P&P game what you were able to order from kickstart (“Digital RPG Adventure PDF by Chris Avellone $10”)

The Digital Bonus Adventure Module is, as far as I know, a Pdf file.

Well it looks like i will pass playing it i am not really into table top games but i do like them when there are made into crpg games