Things to play a casters I miss (suggestions for DLC)

I prefer to play as casters, and there are some things which I miss in WoTR as a caster.

  1. Spirit Guide Oracle. Shaman wandering spirit mechanic is here, so, why not to add Spirit Guide archetype? It will be very benefical for caster oracles.

  2. Shapeshift hex for Shamans (working with Master Shapeshifter to get limitless shapeshift):

Shapeshift (Su): The shaman transforms herself into another form for a number of minutes per day equal to her level, as alter self. This duration does not need to be consecutive, but must be spent in 1-minute increments. Changing form (including changing back) is a standard action that doesn’t provoke an attack of opportunity. At 8th level, this ability works as beast shape I. At 12th level, this ability works as beast shape II. At 16th level, this ability works as beast shape III. At 20th level, this ability works as beast shape IV.

  1. Extra Revelation feat for oracles (especially for Seekers and for newly introduced Spirit Guides).
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If we talk ‘Extra’, please add all of these < official Paizo > Feats …

Bold … implemented
Italic … can be implemented

  • Extra (Alchemist) Bombs

  • Extra (Alchemist) Discovery

  • Extra Arcanist Exploit

  • Extra (Arcanist Arcane) Reservoir

  • Extra Bane (Weapon)

  • Extra Cantrips or Orisons

  • Extra Channel (Energy)

  • Extra Gnome Magic

  • Extra Hex

  • Extra Ki (Pool)

  • Extra (Kineticist) Wild Talent

  • Extra (Magus) Arcana

  • Extra (Magus) Arcane Pool

  • Extra (Oracle) Revelation

  • Extra (Paladin) Lay On Hands

  • Extra (Paladin) Mercy

  • Extra Performance

  • Extra Rage

  • Extra Rage Power

  • Extra Rogue Talent

  • Extra Slayer Talent

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More Extra will be good, but not all. Like what extra cantrips should do if you already have all cantrips in CRPG?

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Extra Cantrips or Orisons
Benefit: Add two cantrips to your cantrips known or two orisons to your orisons known.

Sounds like it can add Zap and Guide to a Wizards spellbook.

AFAIK, it should be in your spell list) And these things is not in spell list of generic arcane casters (wiz/sorc/arcanist).

If it will be possible to add cantrips not on list, then I would choose Ray of Frost for my Oracle. At-will Slow is fantastic)