Theories on Path exclusive npcs

Elsewhere on this discussion forum, a poster brought up the interesting notion of companions that may join the more esoteric paths. We know that some paths have unique flavor, so what are some unique encounters that you’ve noticed that jump out to you? Food for thought. I myself have noticed some neat things in the Aeon path. I am eager to see or hear about some of the other paths.

I’ve done a lich and an azata run so far. Lich gets all the known quantities (various unique raisable characters). Azata got a few memorable characters, though no full-on extra companions outside Aivu. I really enjoyed the summonable ents and being able to endorse a children’s crusade, and the characters you recruited to your crusade for Azata would occasionally show up in important fights without warning. Made me kind’ve think of Final Fantasy’s Yoshimitsu summon just showing up and doing incredible or terrible things without warning. Lots of fun.

I noticed some flavor text in chapter 4 that indicated demons might get special interactions with some of the key characters of that chapter. Hard to say if that would go anywhere, but I have some inklings there might be a demon-specific romance option being hinted at right at the end of that chapter. One of the possible “truths” in the trickster update Owlcat put out on April 1st was that the Trickster has access to a unique romance option and I wouldn’t be surprised if that were a thing for a few of the other paths, too.

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I wouldn’t be surprised. Aeon has some neat opportunities in its path. Of course, upholding the balance is very difficult.

I will try Lich and Angel and Demon next. If possible, I may try Golden dragon when that comes out

Do we know when the next beta wave starts? Thought I saw it mentioned somewhere, but haven’t been able to track it down.

Some time this month

Cool, thanks for answering my question!

I wonder if I will have to start over with my current play through? I’m rather attached to my current character

It is always better to start a new run once patches roll out. Since not all changes may apply to existing saves. And the next one will be pretty big with one additional act. Even more reason to start out fresh.

All the better to do a fresh Aeon Run, then