The save game issue (confirmed on Xbox One)

What I’ve just found out is if you delete some of your older saves, then auto-saves and regular saves work fine. Once I deleted out several of my older saved games, more than one auto-save would appear, and my manual saves also appeared. When there are too many saves (I didn’t note the number), the game will indicate it has saved successfully but it doesn’t.

Also, when you delete (it’s called Remove in the game) a saved game, it doesn’t get removed from the list immediately. But if you close the Load Game dialog, then open it again, it is removed. This is a simple issue of not updating the list after deleting the save.

I hope Owlcat investigates this (and I hope others in these forums do the same – I would be interested to see if the PS4 has the game issues) and fixes these problems.

As I play the game this morning I checked and I had 9 total saves in the list (3 auto-saves and 6 manual saves) and I was able to save a 10th (a 7th manual save). So this makes me think there isn’t a problem just with auto-saves, it’s a general problem with saving depending on how many saves are already in the list.

i have my game set to 5 each auto and quicks (xbox)
have been rolling fine with those and 3 manual saves (13 total) am at the swamp witch map at moment where i made another 2 manuals so 15 in total and its started to eat saves
13 seems safe but 15 isnt

dont really need the autos i should change that to 1, and delete some old manuals down to 2 and see how that goes, but i can just wait for the fix, including once patched there will only ever be 1 each auto and quick

I have 11 saves total at the moment and am having a great time with the game. No real issues now that I limit the total number of saves.