The poll is over!

The poll is over, and now we know the ne­xt playable race that will be added to the game. You made your choice. Ple­ase welcome ki­tsune to the crusade!
We know that there were some technical issues along the way and the voting process its­elf was not as simple as it could have been. The poll system was designed to make the results as transparent as possible and rule out any chance of cheating.
Thank you everyone for participating!
And a bit later we will an­nounce the win­ners of the creative contest.



There are a lot passionate supporters for the first and second place pick but I’m overjoyed that :kitsune: won. I honestly expected catfolk to have more of the vote share. Thank you for giving us these choices because either way they all will make the game more memorable and enjoyable.


Finally its over, i am glad that Owlcat has chosen races that are interesting and don`t fit the usual mold of Crpg, especially since Kitsunes have won. There are almost none existing in western Crpg, so i am glad that they will be in the game.

Thank you Owlcat for making this game, and i hope that it would be a great game that will define a new era of modern Crpg. :kitsune:


Will the Kitsune nine tails feature be added and what will be the Racial Archetype that Kitsunes will get ? Nine Tailed Heir Sorcerer ? Kitsue Trickster Rogue ? Custom Archetype ?

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Awesome - I’m so happy that my first choice won. Kitsune are so rare in western CRPGs and Pathfinder is my absolute favorite RPG system. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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My second choice the Kitsune won, and my first choice came in last place.

The choices they provided for WotR is definitely interesting. I give Kitsune a go, will be my first Kitsune character. One thing I learnt from this poll, is that PF Kitsune is based on the Japanese folklore of fox spirits, the Kitsune.

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Sad that Ratfolk Lost…
They should be added on principle or with DLC that I would definitely pay for if I must at that point.
But really though Kitsune seems the least interesting pick of the lot I would have expected More cat or rat votes over what is basically a Human with a tail.

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Catfolk and Kitsune have both human bodies with their respective animal head +tail. The Kitsune are the only ones who can choose between their anthro animal form and their human form(Most people who voted for then probably don’t even know that their human form has no animal parts features whatsoever, so they are not like Kitsune from most animes/mangas).
Ratfolk are definetly visually the most interesting since they are the only ones without a human body. Sadly they are a small race and lots of folks don’t like to play those.

Moders will give there human form ears and tail. But in some artwork of starfinder I saw human form having ears and tail.

I see that a few people are claiming that Kistune or other races in the poll are basically just humans with a tail or no animal features. This is just wrong. Below are links to the Pathfinder wiki pages for each of these races, which includes pictures of them - and if you want to see more pictures, click on the “images of …” link. Note that “Ysoki” is another term for Ratfolk in the Pathfinder setting.

You will be surprised to read that I have seen some users on different platforms believing they are totaling getting a human with a fox tail and ears only. I hope some ended up researching more info on what they exactly voted for ~ I will hate to see some backlash later because the result it’s not what they think it would be.


I like catfolk more than the 2 myself. I have to choose kitsune well because ahri

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You will see that backlash anyway.

This makes no sense.
Their true form is an antropomorphic fox, so they are about human sized, stand on two legs and have two arms. They can assume the form of a normal human at will, but it must be of the same sex and its always the same form.

The whole point of the human form is that other people think of them as normal humans. It is very hard to see that they are not human (very high perception or magic).
Their fox form can do everything humans do (use and equip the same items, talk, and so on) plus having a bite attack.

Sorry, but for all those here and elsewhere (including the KS forum) asking that ratfolk be added later as a DLC, even though I voted ratfolk and don’t care for kitsune, I strongly oppose a ratfolk DLC and hope that does not happen. Owlcat is a relatively small studio with limited resources, and if those limited resources are going to be spent on a DLC I want that DLC to be content. DLCs for things like new races or classes are unfair and a complete waste imho because they will appeal to and be enjoyed by only a fraction of the player base. I want DLCs/expansions to be things that all the players/fans will enjoy and not just a small group.

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I know that their real form is antro fox and they have normal human form that has has no tail or ears.I just said it was strange that in the starfainder official book that is same universe as pathfinder only in future they have fox ears and tail in their human form.

Plus my god is this one really cool looking freaking lasor beams tails

Your confusion is because those books and the associated art are third party books. Official Pathfinder material is created by Paizo, but both of the books that you have linked to are from Rogue Genius Games. Paizo likes their material enough to list them on their store and help support a smaller writing house, but they do not speak for the entire Pathfinder brand. Plus, Pathfinder has had issues in the past with art consistency - they had to introduce a small retcon to establish that all hobgoblins are bald and that all art where hobgoblins had hair were wearing hair they took from their enemies. A few pieces of art that don’t match the lore don’t mean that the lore is wrong, just that some artists didn’t get all of the right information when creating the art.

Hmmm. I also remember that some stuff olwcat did in kingmaker is different from source. Who knows what olwcat version of kitsune will be like maybe for anime fans they will add fox ears and tail to kitsune human form. Some special ability that will show that besides human form with no ears and tail. If not no big deal moders will add them.

Must remember Owlcats does consult and work with Paizo when it comes to Pathfinder lore, to ensure consistency with the Pathfinder brand.

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