Test if my backer key got transfered?


Is there any way to see if my download key was properly transferred? I got the email saying to verify my pledge transferred from kickstarter to here?

Not sure if I did it or not?

I believe the baron icon confirms that it transferred

Yes, as fasthd971 said above, the Baron icon on your forum post indicates that you transfered your pledge correctly (as stated on the “Backer portal is now live!” e-mail:
“You will receive your forum badge automatically.”

So, if your badge is here, you did it.

Awesome. Thanks!

Don’t worry spud we will teach you the ancient ways of pathfinder here is a youtube channel that well help you out on the lore https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrwvQV18rq-ImVL5879v8TA

I’m just replying to see if I have the Baron icon since I came here with the same question, nothing to see here :slight_smile:

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