Survey on RPG players' tastes by Larian (creators of Divinity games)

I guess some people might be interested in this. Larian (creators of Divinity games) are currently conducting a survey on the tastes of people who play RPGs. Here is the announcement:
Here is the direct link to the survey:

Thanks for sharing elear. I just finished filling it out. Takes less than 5 minutes.

Hey thanks for this. Filled it out. I just wish they’d included open-ended boxes for the questions where they ask how we feel about various specific games. I would’ve liked to explain why I like/dislike a particular game.

Same. It was also a little awkward how they grouped together games.

How do you feel about Action RPGs? (e.g. The Witcher, Dragon Age, Diablo, Dark Souls…)

I love the Witcher, am apathetic towards Diablo, and loathe Dark Souls. But I have to give an opinion on all of them as a genre? Kind of weird.

Hm, interesting. Done!

For me it’s quite similar (I love the Witcher, and loathe Diablo 3 and Dark Souls; I quite enjoyed Diablo 2 at the time, though) and I chose “Love” for this category, since I decided that it’s enough that I love the Witcher games to say that I love Action RPGs.

I think that this issue is mitigated by the fact that at one of the later screens they ask one’s opinion on each of these games separately.

That’s a good point. I ended up putting love for basically every category because I just really love rpgs and strategy games. And when they asked for the specific games I was able to clarify my position a bit.

Interesting. Curious to know the final result of the survey.

OH! Nice, filled in the survey.

I’d love to see a Pathfinder isometric actionRPG (Diablo for Pathfinder).

And incase someone want to see survey results they are here:

Very interesting, and good sample size even if that sample is not random.

Question wording bias is clearly evident for the question on style of combat in RPGs. By splitting “real time” and “real time with pause” into two separate categories, that vote got split thus giving the “turn based” category a slight edge in preference.

Thanks for sharing, Pathfinder. I’m happy to see that Fallout 2 received almost twice as much love as the most recent addition.

I guess most of us prefer actual RPGs to post-apocalyptic walking simulators with guns.

Perhaps I’m being unfairly harsh. For what it’s worth I absolutely love FO:New Vegas. Although that was probably because Obsidian tackled the story.

Not by my book! I absolutely love New Vegas as well. The Bethesda written stories are missing that certain brand of humor and charm that the others had.

I just finished filling it out. Takes less than 5 minutes.