Survey about the difficulty, unclear rules and other related issues.

Dear Pathfinders!

We know well that the first playthrough of the «Pathfinder: Kingmaker» might be difficult for players unfamiliar with Pathfinder ruleset. We want to make the game more transparent for new players, so the start of the game will be better at teaching you the system and getting rid of the chore of googling unfamiliar things as much as possible. And who can help us better than our players? Your feedback was always important to us and we appreciate your input. So, if you want to help us improve our game, please, complete this survey. We want to know, what was unclear, hard and illogical during your first steps in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


Mostly I think the kingdom building system needed more explanation. And some warning indications for time issues and dangerous areas.

Done! I really appreciate these surveys, it shows you guys care about the community.

Just one thing. Ranking time spent on various games when there’s all the Bethesda titles and New Vegas isn’t that useful in my opinion. In most cases those are going to be on top simply because those games have the biggest modding community in the entire gaming industry. I’ve played Oblivion, Skyrim and Morrowind each for 1.5k+ hrs and Pathfinder “only” for 400hrs even though it’s in the top 3 of my best games ever list.

Done and done.

i did it and i cant emphasize enough having no defense against those gaze attack from the wild hunt was literal aids.


Point 9 (preferred other genres) might profit from some thematic ordering, maybe beginning with RPG related genres. Starting off with something like “Rhythm games” makes me think “Huh?” and less motivated to go through the long list. I am also unsure what the difference between “Beat’em up” and “Fighting” is. Finally, it might be good to mention that you can also choose less than 3 - which is a blessing, since I can’t really name a third one.

When it comes to difficulty, it should be mentioned that I sometimes use story mode when a section feels overly difficult for reasons beyond my control (such as not being allowed to rest).

Fighting games are Street Fighter and Tekken. Beat 'em ups are Streets of Rage and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Simpsons Arcade Game.

They’re both pretty popular genres.

This particular question shows genres in random order, if i’m not mistaken.

I see, thanks.

Looked like it. I was just a bit irritated by that part - not enough to abort the survey, but enough to drop a note here.

If the next game also has timers, I do hope they will be visible as part of the HUD itself (which may then be optionally be turned off in the Settigns). Having it as part of the journal was too tucked away for my personal taste.

There was no defense at start but pretty soon they changed Blind Fighting feat to give you immunity to gaze attacks. Since that moment everyone in my party picks up that feat before last two chapters in the game.

Better solution would have been to lower Gaze attack DC since it forces everyone to roll saves vs it every round so at least it should be something you only fail on roll of 1 or 2