Suggestions list

I’m big fan of crpg genre and based on Kingmaker experience I think it can be great game, but there are so many issues with first one that sometimes it was hard to enjoy. So I have few suggestions and wishes.

  1. No loading screens between small areas, frequently traveled between - like in Kingmaker, there shouldn’t be need for loading between parts of the city.
  2. Better, clearer quick bars - on left side these bars are really not convienient, at least give us the ability to group them main bars in expandable icons.
  3. Please no more unskipable slow ‘cutscenes’ without save time after. Don’t punish us for playing on harder difficulties which makes us reload more and we have to watch these cutscenes for another 5 minutes.
  4. Quick bar abilities when whole party is selected - how comfortable it would be if we could assign skill of one character (like healing) that are accesible from bar when party is selected. Just much faster than every time selecting character -> chosing ability -> selecting whole party, over and over again
  5. Clearer item descriptions - instead of reading whole block of text, list of each ability or effect would be much better for inventory management
  6. Time limits - don’t make us travel for each problem so often, give us more time to explore, we want to see game you created, why are you making it harder for us.
  7. Selectable icon for pets with HP along with other characters - it would be much easier to keep them alive if we could select him without misclicking on 20 other monster surrounding it. And seeing if he’s close to death is quite important. It doesn’t have to be full size portrait, just smaller one on top of ‘masters’ portrait.
  8. Color marks on stats that are affected by item you are looking at - for beginners it would make it much easier to understand how it works.
  9. Mark on locations that are fully cleared.
  10. Indications on characters that have something new/quest to give, at least for some difficulties or as option.
  11. Notes with quest log - sometimes (especialy with that time limit) it would be very useful to be able to note few things in quests journal.
  12. Diverse locations. It’s hard to enjoy exploring if that means looking at the same maps over and over again.
  13. Horses? Wagons? Doesn’t that world has something to travel faster? Pegasus?
  14. More laguages options - please, you would have much more players if you could make more translations.
  15. Make stealth useful, if I can sneak attack with ranger in every attack, same for rogue, then what’s the point of sneaking? I had to use it for disarming like 3 traps for whole game.
  16. Being evil is not just killing bunnies and traders. Come on, if you have an option to be evil at least don’t make it pointless. Evil doesn’t mean stupid.
  17. Character collisions - if troll can walk through that corridor that means than my warrior can pass by my mage in that corridor. Right?
  18. PLEASE fix AI and traps. If they see traps and walk straight into them yet they have 26 INT, there’s something wrong, isn’t there?
  19. Naming pets. It can’t be hard.
  20. Notes on map on locations. I’d like to remember what I skipped due to too low level, just by looking at map
  21. Putting potion stacks on quick draw. Yeah realism, but after using a potion we have to go to inventory, put it on bar, then again and again and…
  22. Marking items as ‘for sale’
  23. More puzzles, they fit perfectly with exploring ancient ruins. If somebody doesn’t like them they are looking up solutions anyway
  24. Rotating buildins - if you’re giving bonuses for planning a city, then let us plan it correctly
  25. Speed up time/slow down - at least for normal difficulty. walking through whole location on normal speed is just waste of time, especialy looking at point #12, slowing down would make following harder fights much easier.
  26. Escaping the fight. There’s only choice between win and die right now with every fight. We could at least have a chance, to solve things other ways.
  27. Zoom in/zoom out on map.
  28. Why characters have cooldown BEFORE casting a spell instead of after at the beginning of the fight? why do they just stand there when enemies are already charging. Please make it right in second game.

Edit: some extra points
29. Extra inventory shortcuts, can we have dropping items with shift+click instead of confirming every item drop with message box? Same would be great with for example ctrl+click lets you pick all items which are same as iteam you clicked. (easier for looting)
30. Search bar by name in inventory
31. Keep inforamtion window of an item while having another up. Easier to compare.

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  1. Agree but it could be double edge sword, since it will make initial loading longer. But people will complain less since it will be less noticable.
    3… Skip after seeing cutscenes once confirmed
    6… Do not agree. But time limits will not be in game as they were in P:KM, instead Owlcat said they plan to have enemy army that will be closing on your HQ and it will be becoming stronger the more you wait.
    9… Creates problem with areas that you return to in later quests. With people trying to find what they missed.
    12… Wouldn’t see much hope with this, Owlcat is small studio. We will probably see more variety, but they will still reuse areas.
    13… Probably some lore thing. And horses are expensive to buy and to feed.
    15… You can clear Fangberry Cave without fight if you sneak and stealth is used to evade random encounter. Stealth has practically nothing to do with how sneak attacks work.
    22… And add mark as to not sell something accidentally.
    24… Who knows if Building will be in game.
    26… Agree to add more choices, but not true you can run away with invisibility, if enemy does not have Echolocation/True Sight, or with faster movement speed.
    Also you can scout enemies before fight if you sneak.
    28… Casting time, if you want for spell to go off instantly use Quicken Metamagic or Rod with this effect.

Thanks for comments

  1. With single loading time for whole area there is also less chance for a crash which (for me at least) were happening basicaly solely on loading screen. I’ll take 30% longer loading time than 30% more crashes.
  2. Good to know, thanks for info
  3. Well with army marching towards your kingdom it’s plot driven, I get it. But with first it was pretty sketchy. These timestamps in form of first world invasions weren’t that interesting, neither necessary IMO
  4. With mission marks as there were in Kingmaker, that wouldn’t be a problem. Grey out after fully exploring, then if new event appears same as in the first one, red indicator.
  5. Got it, but at least some variety would be good (rotate map or something :wink: )
  6. Expensive, but if I’m king, who has multiple stables in many cities I think I can coupe
  7. Still stealth feels like waste of points.
  8. Yes! Great idea, hate missclicking wrong item, then reloading and selling my 200 items all over again.
  9. I think some form of extra ‘mini-game’ there will be (my bet is on strategic, army management) and I hope we won’t miss those quite obvious little tweaks
  10. I run from a fight and even if I didn’t see enemy for minutes I was still ‘engaged in fight’ so maybe it was just a bug.
  11. Not the point, I get it. but seeing mages standing at the beginning of the fight, waiting these 4 second to make their action seems ridiculous. Extended casting animation at least, but I think mages should be allowed to react instantly, then have cooldown. That would make buffing or setting webs etc much more natural, instead of predicting how fight will begin every time and doing it before the fight.

Not happening, since in this new game you will be able to rotate camera yourself.
Reused location could have different starting points though, so it would at least seems different.

I now remember Kamelands region upgrade had Horse-breeding Center. It added 20% speed on World Map.

Not for me, evading random encounters was main reason I maxed it out, then I realized you can sneak past enemies to get loot early.

Yes there will be, they are planning Heroes of Might and Magic games style of Army Combat and Managment, with auto solve. It was one of the Kickstarter Goals.

Depends, it works if you run away far enough, so if it is small are it could be that it does not work but using Invisibility on everybody is better.

If they are doing absolutely nothing then that is due to Initiative, if you mean they are chanting spell that just is part of system where everybody moves at same time, in which you need to change how and when you cast AoE spells compared to Turn Base. Some are Full Round action that takes 6 sec to cast which makes those spell in RTwP harder to use.
WoTR should have TB mode from the start so you can try that. Kingmaker now has it too but it created bugs.
What I do is making my Melee immune or at least very resistant to my AoE spells. Like I cast Freedom of Movement on 1 Tank sending her in then when she grabs all enemies cast Web and Grease on her feet.

  1. Time limits –
    I loved the time limits. It adds urgency and legitimacy to the events in the game. Both to the game-characters and to the player.

  2. Mark on locations that are fully cleared. –
    Agreed, I definitely visited every location, but I know for sure I didn’t complete all of them. Had no way to tell which ones I lacked.

  3. Horses? Wagons? Doesn’t that world has something to travel faster? –
    No, per the Lore, foot travel and horses are all you have. But towards the end of the game you can build teleport stations in your cities…

  4. …should require sneaking for sneak attacks… –
    That’s just how Pathfinder works. Its for getting surprise rounds, and getting a flat-footed attack with your non-rogues.

  5. Being evil is not just killing bunnies and traders.–
    Being evil doesn’t require you choose every single evil option. It is also hard for people to understand the underlying motivations behind truly evil actions; because people in society are generally good or neutral. It’s also hard for writers for the same reason. And then if you’re chaotic evil then you dont need reasons to kill bunnies.

  6. AI vs. traps –
    Agreed, although technically it is not the case that all characters all see the trap, only one character necessarily sees it.

  7. Escaping the fight. –
    Agreed, let me run.

  8. …delayed initiative at battle start… –
    I think that has something to do with mages having low initiative. When battle starts it assigns a turn order, but since there aren’t turns, what it does is set everyone’s timer to increments.

I agree with most of these, and the few I don’t are pretty minor. In particular I’d really like to see the markers for showing if you’ve fully cleared a location or not, or if you’ve left something undone due to level. Also seriously easing of the time limits. I like to explore, having such tight time pressure takes away from that, it also seriously ate into kingdom management, particularly with those 2 week time-skips for ranking up (I’d get rid of the need to totally time skip and instead treat them like other events you can have going in the background).

Another suggestion I’d add is something to help find what spells your casters can scribe and don’t have. In Kingmaker, there’s little indication just what classes can use a spell, and it’s a pain checking the scroll vendor and trying to figure out which ones Octavia and Jubilost can scribe but don’t have yet, or doing the same with the scrolls you pick up. I’ve got to guess about buying them, and then go through and right-click on every scroll in my massive inventory and see if it can be scribed. There needs to be something to speed it up. Maybe something in the spellbook section that shows which scrolls in your inventory can be scribed could help with the inventory issue.

I think it was update, but they added Names of people who have learned spell to all scrolls and spells. And scrolls character cannot use are in yellow, indicating they need Use Magic Device check.

Yeah, there’s the list of who has it, but not who it’s accessible to. And I don’t think the color change happens when you’re buying from the scroll vendor. This also doesn’t help finding non-scribed scrolls in a very large inventory. You still have to go through each one individually.

Colour change happens every time you have selected character. With vendor you have to select character you want to buy scrolls for, UMD scrolls for that character will then appear yellow.
It helps to narrow it down considerably.
And names help when buying scrolls.
But they should definitely change way UMD scrolls appear, since it isn’t that noticable.
I think if character doesn’t have point in UMD then scrolls have red foreground, but I am not sure.
The biggest problem this possess for is Mystic Theurge since it will not need UMD to use any scrolls.