Suggestions for Demon mythic path themed classes

I’m thinking of doing either a Tiefling Hellspawn infernal bloodrager or a Armiger. Would either of them be thematically and mechanically appropriate?

That’s a fitting build idea for a devil mythic path. But way too orderly for their chaotic evil counterparts. Especially if you plan on taking dips in Hellknight.

A demon dancer skald, abyssal sorcerers who focus on summonings, and abyssal bloodragers/barbarians are probaby better picks if you plan to go all in with the demon path. The brown-fur transmuter arcanist also is a good choice, given that path’s demon polymorph spells.

Race: Qlippoth-Spawn Tiefling

Class: Cross-blooded Sorceror (Undead/Serpent) (1); Demon Dancer Skald (7); Invulnerable Rager Barbarian (12)

General Idea: Lots of bites and (with demonic mythic path) three separate rage abilities, all with totems and the like being shared between them. With ascendant bloodline for the serpent bloodline, your bites can do ability score damage, too. Less of a traditional support and more of a self-buffer that brings others along for the ride. With unlimited rage, you can use the rages in every fight (bring a pally friend to remove fatigued with lay-on-hands). I haven’t been able to test it yet, but I’m pretty sure the DR5 from Undead bloodline should stack with the DR from invulnerable rager, too, since they’re DR/- instead of DR of a specific type. Combine with a necromancer buddy to throw up headbanging skeletons who damage for 1d6 piercing on being hit.

I tried the build on a support character during a run through the angel mythic path and it felt pretty strong and fun. With all those rages and the rage theme that the demon path follows, I think it’d be pretty thematic for a demon path MC. Only problem right now is bite stacking is kind’ve bugged and you end up with basic skellies getting something like 20 attacks a turn after a while.