Suggestion / feature request

highlight objects is constantly needed. so why, after all these years, and dozens if not hundreds of requests, have you not given us the option to make this a permanent feature in the options menu? why make us press tab thousands of times over the course of this very long game when we could just turn this feature on in the options menu? this is a very simple thing you can implement as a quality of life update. i know i can download a mod for this, but this should be a basic feature without having to work around the games lack of appropriate options.

the other half of my suggestion, give us the option to turn off the green highlight around our characters and the green circles under our characters. i do use the mod to toggle highlights because i am sick and tired of having to press tab over and over and over and over. problem solved right? not quite, cause now my characters are permanently neon green. highlight object is meant to show objects we can interact with in the world, right? so why are my characters highlighted? they are not objects to be looted or objects that need to be interacted with in order to progress. the only valid reason i can see for this is because the devs were too lazy to implement camera rotation and sometimes our characters may end up in spots we can’t see them. fair point, but when your character is behind a wall, you can already see them in a blue highlight. so basically, the character is blue, with a green highlight, and a green circle under them. you guys are over doing it. having blue and green characters with highlights and circles is obnoxious and visually unappealing.

if you do actually correct this, consider giving us the option to toggle npc names. you give us the option to toggle party member names, why not npc names too? less clutter on screen is better.


I agree. I would also love to see a sort of sub-menu for highlight options to toggle which things I want highlighted and which I don’t. For example, I would want lootable corpses to be highlighted because it’s a pain in the ass for me to keep a mental tally of which corpses I’ve already looted, especially in the late game where there are dozens and dozens of them. What I wouldn’t want is lootable containers to be highlighted because I prefer exploring the area and finding them on my own. They could even make it so that which things are highlighted and how far away they’re highlighted is dependent on your perception. It could be separate from the “secrets” that you need to roll a perception check to see and would instead be perfectly interactable if the player spots them on their own but will only be highlighted if the PC meets a flat perception amount.