Suggestion: evangelist cleric subclass? On a companion?

Is there any chance we could see the evangelist cleric subclass make it into the game? It’s one of my favorite cleric archetypes from pnp, essentially trading away a domain and spontaneous healing for having inspire courage on a cleric. It fits the strong religious theme of the campaign and i dont think it requires much work since most elements are already present elsewhere in other classes.

In a current alpha playthrough, i am really missing a good buffer/support character the way.lizzie was in kingmaker. You have devean as a full healer life oracle, and right after him you get Sojial as a basic good-aligned cleric. Sojial seems a bit generic and doesn’t really fill a niche between the current companions other than if a player really refuses to take.along an evil healer. He seems perfect for an evangelist, filling up the buffer spot while still.being a decent healer if you need that and prepare those spells for him. A shelyn evangelist seems to fit thematically too.

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I know each class will have more archetypes than they did in Kingmaker but I don’t remember how much. I hope it does get added because I actually just recently finished a NG Evangelist of Sarenrae playthrough in Kingmaker using the Call of the Wild mod and really enjoyred it.

Sounds good! Sarenrae Banner Evangelist was my character for a pnp WOTR playthrough that ended at the end of book 4. Had him classed into dawnflower anchorite too. Was an amazing support :slight_smile: had all the heals, a +8 bonus to attack/damage and +12 to all saves for the entire party with just one buff turn etc. Really broken, but its not often a support gets to be broken :smiley:

Any tips from your experience?

Play as a woman and romance Tristian. I actually did the playthrough specifically to romance him so I could experience all the romances in the game. Funnily enough, his romance was the only one I thought was actually good despite me being a straight man, although Nyrissa’s was interesting too.