Suggestion: Choice to run/walk

I really hope that there is an option to have more control over moment speed outside of encumbrance. The ability to either run or walk does add to the immersion factor. And based on “Kingmaker” encumbrance will probably be nullified while in main camp/base, and would really help with immersion to be able to walk or to sprint depending on the story (Especially as mounts will be in the game). Would really cool to “Parade” down the thoroughfare with a group of mounted party members :smiley: or to “Charge” down it at a full speed. Basically I would like the option, when it does not conflict with encumbrance. To control the speed of my party as the animation’s for the different speeds will already be in the game.

p.s. Originally I decided I would just wait for launch and if it was there wait for Mods to do it. However I had thought the same for kingmaker, but no mod touches on it.


in Kingmaker you could double click (I used to click multiple times so maybe you need to click more than double) to make them go faster isn´t this a thing in Wotr?

I am not sure, which is the reason I am suggesting a toggle or button of some kind. And currently playing Kingmaker again (Hoping to complete it this time. Disabled auto patch). I don’t see any option to go either faster or slower ( I tried to double click to see if that works but unless its in settings somewhere it doesn’t). In Kingmaker, most of the time (In the throne room and market) I kind of want to be able to walk instead of run for RP purposes. As for the sprint option, I REALLY want that for maps I have already cleared. Mostly to get back to the zone out point. Had bad issues with the mod return to Overworld map for some reason (Probably missed quest point or trigger. Hoping that the patch version I am on has fixed that issue), so tend to avoid using shortcuts. Kind of a side point really but on the walk animation for mounts in WoTR, I really hope some of them have a parade animation. (Not overly important but would be cool.)

p.s. As a side note I am playing on the Pre-Definitive edition of PfK as the DE broke my save games again. so rolled back to be able to finish the game before anymore patch’s break or corrupt my save files again. :unamused:

On console you either go by normal speed by the stick and if you want to go faster you mark something on the map. And I always had in mind that i was able to either run or walk on PC. Maybe you can also try to press on the map.

They werent faster all of the time but most of the time they were running instead of normal walking as i remember but maybe somebody who actually has a clue will join the conversation :slight_smile: