Studied Target ability not applying

As shown, the Studied Target ability is not applying to the dice rolls or damage rolls.

The class used is Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor but I have also tried it with Arcane Enforcer Slayer and it has not worked.

I just noticed that myself, I also started an OP Arcane enforcer and noticed it is not working.

I can now also confirm that Defensive Study mythic power does not work if you face this problem. At this point, I assume Studied Target just doesn’t apply.

Same character as last time. MC Sanctified Slayer Inquisitor.

I checked with my lvl 6 Sanctified Slayer. He does get Study Target boni on his attack and damage - although these boni are 1 too small. So my lvl 6 Inq only gets +1 instead of +2

Are they your MC? Are you using the ability that was originally on your hotbar or did you drag it off/back on? Is the bonus from applying it yourself or from sneak attacks? Was it with the Favored Weapon of your deity?

Checking what might be different between them to see what happened.

EDIT: Nevermind. I just double checked on my level 9 Sanctified Slayer now. It seems that the bonus is just 1 lower, which would make it not apply at levels below 5.

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It’s bugged on base Slayer as well; I reported the bug when I noticed a couple of days ago. Looks like it’s just set to only apply starting from when it would be +2, so it’s effectively permanently 1 bonus behind where it should be.

I am wondering if the same bug is affecting Magus and Camellia. It seems the arcane enhancement is not working, but maybe it is just one point lower than it should be.