Stuck in Chapter 3 Midnight Fane (Queen Galfrey)

Scene with Queen Galfrey didn’t load and after saving my progress in the Midnight Fane I cannot load back into the Midnight Fane. When loading the Midnight Fane savegame it loads the missed scene with Queen Galfrey instead.

Long description:
When I wanted to start the attack on the Midnight Fane Queen Galfrey told me she wants to talk with me before the attack. I said yes and she said ‘go ahead, I will follow you’. But nothing happened. So I talked to her again and chose to start the attack.
Then I saw for about 3 seconds a scene with Galfrey outside with my hero but then the loading screen appeared again and I was in the Midnight Fane.
After about an hour I needed to quit so I saved the game.

Now the problem is: when I try to load my save game I see in the loading screen that it tries to load the Midngiht Fane, but when it reaches 95% percent the loading screen image changes to the Gates of Dreznen and when the loading is finished I am outside alone with Queen Galfrey at the same scene I saw for about 3 seconds when I first talked to her.

Now when I am finished talking to her I am ported outside the castle and I can see that the seal to the Midnight Fane is broken open, but I can just walk over it.
When I go back inside the castle and tell the Queen that I want to start the attack, after the loading screen (which is supposed to start the attack) I am appearing alone outside the castle right next to the broken seal and cannot get back down to where I was when I saved the game.

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I have the exact same bug, it broke my game and my main save is rendered useless because I did a full save after the conversation glitch happened. Thanks for writing this out I hope it gets addressed soon.