Stuck in Book Loading Screen FOREVER

Pathfinder: Kingmaker has been great, up until the game stopped working. This is all i see now after i make a character and start the game. The Crown still animated(Don’t let the Image fool you) and the music still plays(Which Sounds beautiful) but thats it. I left it like this for 2 hours once, after I restored My PC Downloaded everything(to include steam) over again, and this is my game. Can I get some help with this?

Also This shows up after I hit play in steam.

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Mine takes 40 minutes to load a city or a particular large map :’(

I am getting it jump back to the loading screen in character creation since 1.0.9 I can’t get a character created to actually play anymore :frowning:

I am getting this EXACT same problem (except i see the full picture on the book pages) on OSX El Capitan regardless of going through steam or booting straight off the app. I can hit the space bar and hear the character interaction with NPCs but the loading window is just sits there, loading.

Have you tried the solutions on our steam forum: ?

Yes, windowed mode still hanging on load screen after ~40 minutes

any solutions yet? do you need more information?

You are using a Mac?

Check #6 and/or #8

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osx el capitan
i’m not having any of the issues described in that thread