Stuck at Cutscene

Platform: Linux
no mods

I’ve been enjoying the game. For the most part I’ve worked my way around bugs. But I’m stuck at the same point even after loading older saves.

I’m on Season of the Bloom, I just finished the Goblin Village and I need to go back to base and “Attend the Council” when I enter the throne room everyone gathers around the table… and nothing. The cutscene fails to trigger.

I’ve had multiple cutscene issues, especially in the throne room. Changing advisors in and out has fixed it or reloading saves. But not this time. Help. Not sure if any of this info helps but I had issues with Jaethal I could not attend to her in the throne room off a card in kingdom mode, eventually I got some sort of failure message on that. Since I am not using her I just sort of shrugged it off. The first cutscene that I noticed was bugged was off of Oleg’s Trading Post after defeating the Stag Lord. After returning to the Swordlord and taking part in her court, next time I went back to Oleg’s I was sent back again to the Swordlord’s court for a very odd cut scene. After that Oleg’s worked fine.

At this point I have 116 hours logged I am enjoying the game bringing back fond memories of BG1 but I would really rather not start over. Would like to finish the game and move on to the sequel.

Is there a better place to post this? Or should I provide more information? Would really like to finish the game.

Can you try any previous saves before so you don’t loose all time played.
Also after reading about crashes corrupting saves and just corrupt saves I set up to have 3 autosaves and 3 quicksaves.

This will make it so that for example when you travel you get autosave1, enter next area autosave2 and leaving that area autosave3 is something happens you will never lose more then 1-2 hours of play because one of thoose 3 saves will still be working.

I reverted back to a save 10-15 minutes old and just b-lined through it in different ways nothing.

I reverted back to a save 2 hours old again tried to b-line to that part, not clearing maps just heading for the plot quests to progress again the cutscene stalls out.

Everyone gathers round the table. I hear that sfx on the black screen like a cue that something should happen but nothing. I’m going to try to juggle around advisors again. I might try to switch off turned based play, I occasionally have bugs with that where the PC is supposed to perform a second attack but just sits there, I can’t progress anything, I’m left to toggle turn based on and off. I might try to change the difficulty settings, I have constant dialogue spam because of that. No clue of any of these things are related or will fix it. sigh And I’m really not willing to back track more than 2 hours, especially since I did it once and it didn’t fix it.

Do we know if anymore patches are being worked on?