Str/Dex & Intelligence Focused Companions

In Row 59 of the feedback spreadsheet in Kickstarter Update 61, Owlcat states the following:

Nearly all the companions are ready and we can’t change them. But there are two unrevealed companions. One of them will have focus on Strength and Dexterity, the other - on Intelligence.

The intelligence based companion is likely a full caster of some sort, but I suppose could be a Sword Saint or alchemist. I’d bet on an Arcanist because it is a new class, and because Owlcat has already built an alchemist and a magus in KM.

What are people’s thoughts about the strength and dexterity character?

A composite bow user seems unlikely because of Lann and Arushalae. For the same reason, a switch hitting ranger seems redundant. Strength and Dexterity would suit a Fury’s Fall, trip Druid, but we already have so many divine spell casters. Maybe an AOO Polearm user who uses combat reflexes and has armor training? Or perhaps a TWF build—but that would be extremely MAD and suboptimal compared to a slayer/ranger build.

The int focused character could be Aravashnial who’s a default npc in the adventure path. He’s a wizard in core but I could see him being reworked as a Arcanist.

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The STR/DEX focused companion might be Greybor - he hasn’t been confirmed as a companion by Owlcat, and I don’t know what role he’s played in the Alpha, so in Owlcat’s eyes he might not technically be revealed yet. Given what people have found in the files, he seems to be a Slayer who may be built towards the Assassin prestige class, and so will focus on melee damage and possibly dual-wielding.

The Intelligence-based character is hard to predict because we don’t have much information beyond the stat, but with our current party member options an Arcane caster seems likely. Owlcat hasn’t confirmed that they’re trying to avoid using builds and classes that they used in Kingmaker, but it certainly looks like it based on the current companions. As a result, Arcanist seems likely but a single class Wizard is still a possibility.

A chaotic good elf and pure wizard (conjurer?) is a companion i will definitely love to have in my group.

I considered Greybor, but a slayer would be an extremely strange class to describe as strength and dexterity focused. In fact, one of the slayer’s key strengths is to avoid dexterity entirely while still being able to select the two-weapon fighting feats without meeting the requirements.

Also, I’m not entirely convinced that Greybor will actually be a companion. The arguments are sound, but if Greybor is a companion, this game will be stacked with an enormous number of dual-wielders (Woljiff, Regill, Greybor) but no two-handed (which is IMO the better melee style generally and specifically in WOTR with how common DR is). Obviously, this could happen, but it would seem like imbalanced design for companions.

Instead, I wonder whether there might be some truth to the evil/chaotic Lann archer idea.

Conjurer with a level in the Riftwarden prestige class according to RAW.

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Maybe STR+DEX one is that datamined companion, you know


Mongrel woman archer Wenduag that appears to be Evil replacement for Lann

or it could be Greybor, do not know how Assasin works but 10 levels could block some TWF slayer feat, so he could have stats in mind so that you can pick all TWF feats even when multiclassing.

That’s a good point. I checked, and 10 slayer levels is enough to select TWF, Improved TWF and Greater TWF. They become available at levels1, 6 and 10, respectively.

Edit: Even though I do like Lann, I hope that it might be the other character that you describe because that artwork is amazing. Lann looks more like a care bear mongrelman; he’s no where near intimidating enough.

I think the STR/DEX person might be Aron Kir.

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Fingers crossed for Aron Kir being a party member. Strength/Dexterity really does make sense for him based on his stats in the module.

And honestly? I’ve been low-key worried he may have gotten scrapped entirely to make Solsiel romancable. I’m always down for more same-sex romance options, but not at the cost of breaking up canon same-sex couples. Him being revealed as another party member would take that weight off my mind.


He is in alpha so far, not as companion mind you and he is in camp + he has dialoge with Sosiel and MC,

that is why I think he will not be companion.


That’s good to hear, I’m happy as long as he’s still in the game. Does he show up in camp at a particular part? I’ve haven’t seen him at all in game or even heard mention of him, but I kind of suck at real time with pause so I haven’t made much progress into Act 2


I think he is in as soon as you get camp, he look so far as normal crusader and he is near crusaders and only difference is name.
He has dialoge with Sosiel, Sosiel wants to paint portrait of him, and when MC gets chance to react to, whole dialoge gets broken and no words show up in dialoge (It triggers when you get near them automaticaly).

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I doubt Aron Kir because Owlcat already has two characters built around trickery (Camelia, Woljiff) and a thief (Woljiff) who is neutral and capable of fitting all party types.

Similarly, after thinking about it more, there are already two archers in the game (Lann/Arushalae) who cover the lawful and chaotic sides of the spectrum.

The main missing role right now is a reach, 2H user because Regill is a dexterity user with a non-reach, exotic weapon, and that role typically requires a heavy strength investment with some dexterity. While not the sexiest class, a 2H fighter fills a missing role, makes 2H items useful to the party, and gives strength enhancing items a home (right now, the party is quite dexterity heavy, with Seelah and Lann being the only characters who really have any interest in strength).

Although a less optimal way to fulfill the role, I could also see Owlcat designing a 2H hunter with a dinosaur pet. This would show off the new class, show off the new pet models, provide NPC access to an AC, which they haven’t done in the game. Or the hunter could show off mounted combat—a hunter riding a dinosaur and charging with a lance (which can be wielded 1h with a shield and still provide reach, while mounted) sounds cool, even to me.

There probably won’t be a 2h-reach wielder, because Sosiel fills this role, albeit imperfectly, having no full BAB and not enough Feats to fulfill correctly a DPS role. He is, however, a reach, 2H-wielder.

I hadn’t considered that (although I should have, because I used him as a 2-h, glaive user in my first playthrough). I do like reach clerics–and believe they can be built effectively–but they are very feat starved generally and 2 of Sosiel’s 3 feats are more or less wasted. It would be nice if Owlcat repurposed those to allow a cleave build.

I don’t know what that leaves for Str/Dex focused character then. The game really doesn’t need another archer; slayers aren’t Str & Dexterity (or at least they shouldn’t be–a strength build is far stronger because they lack armor training and buying dexterity wastes the ability to cheat-out TWF feats without investing in dexterity); your point above might rule our a reach 2-h build; and a shifter druid will have a lot of spell redundancy in a game with a shaman, oracle and cleric. Maybe a vivisectionist…I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Perhaps the character is just built poorly :frowning:

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The Str/Dex is almost 100% Greybor, who seems to be a Slayer with the Assassin prestige class.

Maybe. Or maybe he already counts as revealed.

If they are referring to Greybor, it’s an absolutely atrocious, trash tier build. The primary benefit of a slayer is that you do not waste points investing in dexterity for a TWF build, and investing in both strength and dexterity foregoes the class’s primary benefit (aside from also being redundant with Woljiff…who already fills the TWF, sneak attack style).

I think all this is given, since greybor is assassin.

Seelah: Lawful Good Human Paladin
Lann: Lawful Neutral Mongrelman Zen Archer
Ember: Lawful Good Elf Stigmatized Witch
Sosiel: Neutral Good Human Cleric
Daeran: Neutral Evil Aasimar Oracle
Camellia: ??? Half-Elf Spirit Shaman
Arueshalae: Chaotic Neutral Succubus Ranger
Regill: Lawful Evil Gnome Hellknight
Woljif: Chaotic Neutral Tiefling Eldritch Scoundrel
Greybor: Evil Dwarf Assassin

This gives us 10 companions we know of, they said they have 2 unrevealed companions, which could bring us to 12 companions, if they are ones we do not even know about.
I think it is still possible that Greybor is STR+DEX one, if you consider that that Owlcat does not build Top notch optimalized builds, then you consider that when you get him probably around 10th level he will have 5 Slayer levels, and 5 Assassin levels, making him rely on TWF Slayer combat feats would mean getting Greater TWF on 15th level. One of few ways I think for him not to be this STR+DEX companion, will be is if rework for Assassin includes Combat feats, or if he will join on 11th level and will be 10Slayer/1Assassin.