Stolen lands DLC issues

XB1 most recent Version.

I want to enjoy this game so much but it’s incredibly frustrating to lose progress. The beneath the stolen lands rogue like mode has serious issues on any of the Red Corrupted theme floors. Sometimes all the green lil bubbles that are a foreground effect slow frame rate to almost frozen and characters only move at 1 frame every 5 secs or longer and makes it unplayable. And even when you get lucky and the frames don’t drop multiple times I’ve beaten the enemies and gotten an Alzanti save token and when I go to interact with it to Save it crashes the game and losses progress to the last save file. You can’t even try to rest to save in the corrupted floors with much success. Usually it crashes but sometimes it doesn’t. Have even tried exiting the game to main menu to save after 3 or 4 battles and on the corrupted floors it often just crashes.

Any of the electricity themed floors also have issues with frames dropping to almost frozen with all the electricity special effects on the ground but it’s not as bad as the Corrupted Green bubbles in the air…

Please allow consoles to adjust or turn off extra lighting and visual effects that freeze up or crashes the game and make it really tough to play.