Still no access to backer's portal


I backed this game on Kickstarter however I still have no access to the backer’s portal.

I have sent 3 emails to with no response.

Is there anything I can do?

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How long between emails did you wait before sending another one? When did you send the emails?

Keep in mind that Owlcat games is based out of Moscow. So if you are in a different timezone it may not have been office hours when you sent the email. And if you sent the email over the weekend, the Owlcat team may have been taking a break. Also keep in mind that there have been widespread issues with people not receiving their backer badges and have been getting a lot of email, Kickstarter messages, forum messages, etc. in regard to that issue. So your emails are probably somewhere in a queue to respond to.

If you sent the emails soon after each other over the weekend, my suggestion would be to wait at least two more days to give them a chance to work through their email queue. They have been responding and fixing this and other issues, but because of the volume it has generally taken a few days to get to each person (since they are working on responding to the people who raised issues a few days prior).