Still havent gotten access to the alpha/beta forums

purchased alpha and beta access 1-2 months ago and i still dont have forum access, what do i do to get it?

Grab a beer and join the club?

Post spoiler-related content in the general forum until you’re noticed?

More seriously, though, I’ve heard that you can message @Mortheim. I haven’t tried that personally because forum access isn’t that important to me.

I read somewhere that he is not really present here anymore, but is often seen on the Discord channel of the game.

Kinda would like this as well and a good guide from Owlcat on how to actually get into the Alpha/Beta Forums.

When i asked, they are currently not taking anyone into the alpha forums until the next wave of Alpha (in august) is launched.

Which is odd when you have that you can still buy access to it. :confused:

Not entirely. Large technology projects oftentimes have rigid design/build/test cycles followed by another (re)design/build/test cycle. If they are planning to release a second alpha version in August, then feedback would have been incorporated into version 2’s design sometime ago and feedback on version 1 would be unnecessary and maybe irrelevant at right now. Or they could just be rude…or busy…or who knows.

Edit: I have no idea whether a new video game studio follows the project management methods that companies like IBM or SAP use for very large projects. All I’m saying is that’s it’s possible.

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If i understand, they are not taking any more alpha feedback right now, as they implement it into alpha 2, as Raikan says. Beyond that, i do not know

the issue with this approach is that it prevents people from participating in discussions with other people in the alpha while not really removing feedback to issues in the current test run from being given to the devs as you can report issues from within the game itself


yeah but if the new bach of alpha forumn invites come in i feel like the problem will stay i pretty much gave up trying to get in the forumns

Have you tried the discord? It resolved my issues.

Seriously discord can help