Steam Awards! How-To and Devs' Own Picks

Dear Pathfinders,

The gaming community is voting! The Steam Awards are here, and everyone can nominate their favorite games to show their appreciation and support. We hear that many of you have voted for “Pathfinder: Kingmaker” in the “Labor of Love” category, or even “Game of the Year” – thank you so much for this! It is truly humbling. We’re overjoyed that some of you think we are worthy of such a nomination, and we will keep working on the game, polishing those things we got right and fixing those we got wrong. No matter whether you’ve decided to vote for us or not, thank you for being with us on this journey – for playing the game, for being a part of the community, for helping us find and fix bugs – for making “Pathfinder: Kingmaker” better for everyone.

Of course, no developer can get good at their craft without playing games themselves, so we, too, take part in the voting! Here a few of the gems that people at the studio have nominated so far:

  • Frostpunk (most votes)
  • Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (many votes)
  • Subnautica
  • Don’t Starve Together
  • Crusader Kings II
  • Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Conan: Exiles
  • Darkest Dungeon
  • Dark Souls III
    and many more. Please, tell us - what are the games that you’ve chosen to vote for, and why?

The voting takes place on Steam and will be open until tomorrow, Nov 27, 10 AM PT. If you want to nominate a game, you can do so directly on its store page on Steam. Steam also awards players who vote with a “Steam Awards Nomination Committee” badge. To get the highest level of the badge, one has to nominate a game for each category, play at least 1 game of the ones you’ve nominated, and review (or update a review) for a game you’ve nominated.

I voted for: Pathfinder Kingmaker, Total War: Warhammer and Battletech. (Allso Harebrained Schemes as game studio).

These 3 games are games I have had most fun / spend most time in last few years.

I’m a little confused about this. The Labor of Love category is for a game that has been out for a long time and is continually being supported. Not a game that just came out and is patching itself out of, lets face it, early access despite being fully released.

Sorry to spoil your fun but at this time pathfinder kingmaker will not get the game of the year award if there fix the game and keep this game alive maybe next year there might win

The Labor of Love category is for a game that has been out for a long time and is continually being supported

I personally agree with you. That’s what Valve wrote about the category. However, if some people chose to nominate us for it, it is their right to do so - and our right to wholeheartedly thank them for this. I think the original post made it clear enough how rewarding, but, at the same time, humbling it felt for us at the studio.

I’m a big fan of Total War: Warhammer myself. I absolutely love it when games combine grand, 4x-type strategy with RTS battles. I even think that this is a very under-developed, unexplored niche of strategy games that could become a major videogame genre.

There seem to be two threads of the same topic. Ah, doesn’t matter, just copying my other post here:

Game of the year - Pathfinder: Kingmaker
Labor of love - Stardew Valley
Best developer - None, I wanted to vote for Owlcat Games but the option wasn’t provided.
Better with friends - Warhammer: Vermintide 2
Best Alternate History Award - Expeditions: Viking
Most Fun with a Machine Award - Battletech


IMHO the game is too broken to be even considered. Although the base is good and it can be a neat start, it fails in technical performance and has huge game design flaws.

But you should do like the Divinity team made. During 2019 release an “enhanced” edition with all the issues solved, all the extra content and maybe more. Then you will have the path opened for a sequel.