Starward Gaze - bugged or am I blind?

So after rescuing the bard she gave me her shawl to mark me as an ally and said the last of the Desnites was probably in the market square. I’ve combed the market square and seen no sign of him. I can’t equip the shawl, and I can’t use it, so I presume wandering around with it is the intended method - is there something else?

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There are three Crusaders at the entrance. Talk to them.

Thanks - most of the crusaders there don’t even have real dialogs so that didn’t occur to me.

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Yes, they should make it more obvious since the understanding is that generic name = not worth talking to.

Where is the bard? I can’t seem to find them

Not at the crossroads - go to Daeran’s party house and make sure you check everyone out after dealing with the situation there.

Thank You i appreciate it

So if I was already there and now it wont let me go back, I think because I am due to go to gray garrison, can I go back and get her? I sure hope so as I don’t want to lose the monk. :smiley:

Sorry but what entrance? I feel like I have been all over the map and I can’t find Thall. Is he connected to the Azata Quest? Might I have accidentally killed him?

Unfortunately he’s hiding by being a regular no-name NPC that in any other situation would have nothing meaningful to say.

This is awful quest design. Talk to the commoner with the Shawl on.

Thank you. I’ll go back and have another look.

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