Starfinder Someday?

So glad Owlcat games made a A True D20 system game and gave console gamers the opportunity to play it! Didn’t realize PF Kingmaker was even out on PC till a few days before the Console release. Aside from some buggy-ness I’m really enjoying it! Excited to see what happens with their next PF game and might even jump to PC for it.

Are there any thoughts of Creating an Owlcat Starfinder Game?!?!?! I for one would support it. If this topic hasn’t already been discussed here maybe if this thread can get some community attention Owlcat would consider a new kickstarter!

While I would welcome Owlcat spreading out to Starfinder. I think it would be smarter to make an video game adaption of Pathfinder’s Iron Gods AP first. It would be the perfect intermediate step to breach the gap between both settings imho.

Lol But there’s supposed to be a giant GAP! J/k I assume you chose Your phrasing intentionally. Just made me giggle.

I prefer high fantasy settings to Sci-Fi and would prefer to see Owlcat continue to expand upon the Pathfinder rule systems by adding more mechanics and game systems, like vertical terrain, flight, cover/concealment, etc. There are a lot of benefits to this approach: reusing environmental and model assets (cost savings), incrementally expanding your pre-built gaming system, and also expanding your studio’s size and capabilities. The last is particularly important as the bugs in KM show, and they have some work to do internally with managing and QC’ing their products. Owlcat is a new studio and so safer projects (with less financial or programming risk) are a smarter strategy for expanding their the recognition among the customer base, their technical assets, and their studio’s skill set. Along this vein, I’d prefer to see a few more PF games through which they grow and improve as a studio before they try to switch streams.