[Spoilers] Party I will roll

Party No1

  1. Seelah
  2. Woljif
  3. Ember
  4. Arueshalae
  5. Lann
    my main should be skald or druid/monk or druid/fighter or warpriest or cavalier - seems like this party would be weird on main choice

Party No2

  1. Seelah
  2. Sosiel
  3. Woljif
  4. Arueshalae/Lann
  5. Ember
    my main should be: I have no idea, probably would roll same class over and over…

Problem I see with Arueshalae is that, as ranger, she can be either melee or ranger and it seems we got our pack of melee alot, while nobody can’t deny Lann is go to choice for ranged… but I think Arue should be melee ranger…

Did you not already created a similar topic over here ? :slightly_smiling_face: : Your future party

I forgot about that…

I hope there’s a full respec option for companions or a mod for it that comes out shortly after release. I don’t wanna have to base my comp around their classes and stats but I also don’t wanna have a party of soulless mercs. I used the Respecialization mod for Kingmaker to tweak the companions to be more to my liking without breaking lore too much.

I want. I personally think this make game and my class choice pop out more.

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I obviously cannot be absolutely certain of it, but WofT has had more backers than Kingmaker, so the fan base is probably still around, and despite many differences between the games, the engine is still the same. Therefore, I’m pretty sure modders will adapt the most popular mods quite quickly (mostly depending on the complexity of each mods. Bag of Tricks might take some time, for instance).


Going by the TT books, Arue will be ranged ranger.

I´d go with party no.2 choosing Arue. Lann is cool, but can´t match a ranger with racial bonus well above average.

MC should be bard or druid. Everything else is well covered.

In stream I heard that Arue will have custom Ranger Archetype with Charisma as casting stat.

we all know that. Question is will she be archer type or fighter type of ranger.

The main art for WotR - both the good version and the evil version - show Arueshalae using a bow and arrow, and people who have read the original Adventure Path have already confirmed that she was an archer in that as well. It seems pretty clear that she’ll be built as an archer.

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