*Spoilers* "Once in Alushinyrra..." quest game breaking bug

So I’m going for the Demon path and met Lady Nocticula in her palace for the 1st time.
Then I went on my way to complete both objectives in Ten Thousand Delights and the Arena.

Everything was running well until I asked Yozz to bring me back to the Nocticula’s Palace.
There is a short loading screen, then my character instantly dies for no reason at all and I get the “Your party has been defeated” screen.

I tried to restart the game, to start again from an older save, without riding my companion. Even tried different dialogue options, picking/not picking loot and many more but it was all in vain, my character still dies when teleported back to the Palace.

Cant really keep playing since this mythic quest in only available during one act from my understanding. Such a pity because this game is an absolute blast. Anyone else having this issue ? Any possible fix besides waiting for a future update ?

Thanks in advance.


I didn’t had this particular problem, but i noticed that the interactions with Yozz can be quite buggy in CH3. Did you try to sleep in different locations before and during the quest? Or leave the palace and reenter. Maybe it helps. I noticed that the game tends to brake if you are doing to much in the crusade mode and/ or attending a meeting (or not) and/ or go to sleep (or not).

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I did try to leave/re-enter the palace via the portal before starting the sub-quests but it didnt work.

I didnt try to sleep from an other location tho, that’s a path to explore indeed. I’ll give it a try tomorrow as soon as I come back from work. Thanks !

I Have the same problem I’ve tried to do this quest several times and ever time I ask yozz to teleport me back to the palace I die. I guess ill have to skip this quest or hope they fix it before I’m out of chapter 3.

Bumping because i have the same issue.

I also have this issue. Cannot go back to the Nocticula’s Palace. I die every time.

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Same problem here can’t go into nocticula palace without dying when teleporting!!

Also happening for me – I tried lots of random stuff like adding temporary hp, casting enlarge (if I was clipping through the floor?), decreasing the difficulty, and replaying the entire section. Still instantly kills on load to Noctiula’s Palace

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I also have the same issue and cannot progress the game.

Same problem, but only since last patch…

I mention it because it is hidden and maybe some didn’t know that: You can report bugs by pressing ALT + B

Same problem… so there is no fix? The only thing we can do is wait for an update?

I have the same problem does anyone know if the next quest to visit the laboratory will still show up if you cant do once in alushinyrra. In my demon run it not shown up yet and im getting worried.

Can confirm- have done a few demon playthroughs already, my current one is stuck at ch3 due to this bug. Seems to have come up since last patch.

Well this evening I tried different approaches, like sleeping in several places before the quest triggers, casting various spells on my character (enlarge, hp boost,etc) or even unequip my stuff.

Nothing is working unfortunately, I think its a critical issue with Yozz’ TP spell or map loading. I saw they deployed a hotfix tonight, but it wasnt meant to address this particular issue. At this point not much we can do I’m afraid, besides waiting for an other hotfix (asap hopefully)…

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I am also having this problem. I’m stuck until this is fixed.

Same issue. So bad. The party is defeated.

Same issue here … the death screen and I can’t do the mythic path

This post worked for me as a workaround, use at your own risk, I’m not sure if this breaks things more down the line.

@Pax thanks for share! loading the auto save solve the problem… but next part of quest is also bugged and I can’t Examine the drawings of Areelu Vorlesh via decrees