(SPOILER) Finding the greatsword from the trailers (or any at all)?

Man, this game is being awesome, even in beta, but it falls to one of the problems of the first one: difficulty in finding some weapon classes. For example, i’m finishing Act III right now, and my paladin is still using a Greatsword +2, whereas i must have about five +3 weapons of other types and even some +4.

So apparently, much like Kingmaker, there is some obvious prejudice towards two-handed swords (because so far i have found only one magic elven curve blade too). Simply unacceptable.

Jokes (but being a little serious) aside, and getting back on the title topic, has anyone found that flaming (or holy) greatsword seen in the trailers? I’m asking because it seemed that it could be found early in the game, but so far i haven’t found nothing of the sort.

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That Sword is gained from the Angels Mythic Path.

Cant emphasize enough how important it is that Owlcat starts to work out ways to make Feats for 1 weapon useable for a group of weapons.

Two-handed Swords are probably still on the receiving end. There are also Nunchakus / Sais / Slingstaffs and the like and while I dont know weapon loot tables, Im sure some have much worse ones than 2H Swords.

Until that happens, it best to play as a martial Class focused on Class Features over things like Weapon Focus, meaning Bloodrager / Slayer / Paladin / Ranger etc.

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Thanks for the reply, mate! Could you be a little more specific, though?
I’m asking because i’m following the angel mythic path and so far i haven’t seen the sword. Is it after some quest in (SPOILER WARNING) Pulura’s Fall? Because i haven’t been there yet.

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I did not play the game beyond character creation though I do know that this so called ‘Holy Flame Blade’ is part of the Angel Path and can even be used for ‘ranged’ attacks. Where it is found is beyond my knowledge.

In Wintersun u can talk to the woodcutter. She sells a +2 (+3?) holy Greatsword

I found 4 or more. And I saw 1 on merchant. Though I think it is because my perception is 50+ so I find most available loot. Also found I think 2 magic greatsword in act 3, plus that holy greatsword on merchant.

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  1. +2 or +3 is a drop in the bucket when you’re talking 40 AC and AB. How much enhancement is Blind on hit worth? There’s a +2 Greatsword that does that in Ch. 2.

  2. You have several ways to enhance that yourself anyway

  3. Only a few classes are expected to restrict themselves to one weapon, and the rewards for doing so are limited. In Pathfinder Marital Proficiency matters.

This is a great game. Please try it instead of restricting yourself to the expectations you had coming in.

Only a few classes restrict themselves to one weapon? I assume you don’t ever plan on running a trickster that takes advantage of their improved critical line. Or using Shatter Defenses to target flat-footed AC. Or just dex to damage as a rogue. Etc.

I’m glad you enjoy the game without using any weapon-specific feats or features, but that isn’t the norm for classes that hit things.

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Exactly, besides if you want to do Sword Saint you shoud have the freedom of choosing any weapon you want and not be severely punished for choosing one that almost doesn’t appear in the game.

Let make myself clear that i’m loving this game, really, but it’s evident that they need to improve balance in the loot table between different weapons types, and add new weapons for some forgotten weapons classes, just like KM.

Oh, and i did manage to find a +3 holy greatsword, which is perfect for my paladin hehe, in Wintersun, with the woodcarver after doing the village quest there.

thats what i was talking about

I never had any problem finding great weapons.

Either i stick to a lesser (maybe non magical ) version and try to make strong builds to counter it until i find good equipment or the class dont really depend on weapons (for example Ember as Witch dont need any weapon)

I have to say that, while it may not be perfect, the selection of good options for a variety of weapon types is vastly superior to Kingmaker. Just within Chapter 1 and 2 I was finding all sorts of surprising stuff that I made note of in the event I wanted to do an unusual weapon specialist in a later playthrough. Sickles, light hammers, picks, all sorts of nice options for often-overlooked weapon types.

And while my character’s weapon of choice -Elven Curve Blade- was one of the more under-represented, that +2 one you get is also Vermin Bane: a fairly decent bane option for Wrath.

Yeah, i found that one and a +4 one in Nocticula’s city, after a quest in the ten thousand delights. And that’s it, found only 2 elven curve blades in 4 chapters.

But as someone said, i may have missed some because of failed perception checks, because they found more than 2.

Yes, I found a “woopin” two unique greatswords. The +2 with DC 15 blinding and +1 fury one. Then again, the abyss seemed kinda bugged, with places I couldn’t enter, vendors not working, unlootable chests and unresolvable quests. Still, there’s not enough of variety. There’s tons of daggers, some glaives, greataxes, light/heavy picks, even a bunch of dualwield weapons, but as for standard weapons, like greatswords and longswords, I wasn’t impressed and it seems I’ll be doing a playthrough with a +1 weapon, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Incidentally, Paladins seem to start with a greatsword for some reason.

This is incomplete and I have a few more i need to update before I link it to the main wiki, but that gives you a pretty good idea up until the start of Act 4. There’s only a couple of more vendors I’ve found past the normal guys in the fleshmarket.

While it doesn’t exactly excuse the lack of high-enhancement weapons, this does remind me a bit of how BG1 plays. Even if somewhere in the game there are +2 weapons of the type you want, you likely only find them:
a.) after you defeat the monster you really wanted the weapon for.
b.) at the point that not giving the player at least one weapon with a good magic quality means they can’t progress.

Of course, WotR doesn’t have the excuse of being low-level only and AD&D based. Maybe they could add something like Kingmaker’s Tenebrous Depths weapon generation in the form of a special shopkeeper? When you talk to the shopkeeper you specify an ‘effective enhancement level’ from the core-rules’ +0 to +10 table, pay an appropriate amount of money (maybe with materials?) for the service (maybe plus a bit more to prevent exploiting?) and then a weapon of the appropriate level is generated.

For instance, the d20PFSRD lists a ‘+3’ weapon as having a gold-value of 18k gold pieces. This could generate (for example) a weapon with:

  • +0 enhancement, one +3 special ability (i.e. greatsword of speed)
  • +1 enhancement, two +1 special abilities (i.e. +1 corrosive flaming greatsword/ +1 greatsword of lesser flames, lesser corrosion )
  • +3 enhancement, no special abilities (i.e. +3 greatsword)

A crafting system like NWN2 might be an interesting way to do it, if anyone remembers that system. You have a table where you put the reagents on and then cast a certain spell on the table. You also had to have a requisite base skill investment i.e. X ranks in Knowledge (Arcana).

As for weapon feats and restricting yourself… it depends. A brownfur transmuter won’t have much call to get weapon focus… they just turn into a demon wolf with 40 STR and eat things. Not all of us are playing a field of 6 casters, or using teamwork feats, or prebuffing before encounters. I appreciate the work of those who crunch the numbers, because without them the enemies would likely crunch me even on normal difficulty, much more likely on hard/unfair.

Or you could just savescum till Ember lands a Slumber on the caster… after you win the initiative roll.

Then again I don’t feel like I should be required to run meta-lord builds to complete the game. I also frown on ‘required’ savescumming (I do it, but I still frown on it). Some of the stuff the ‘GM’ of this campaign throws at you can be frustrating if you haven’t prepared for that meta, and there are plenty of ‘trap’ options for people who just want to roleplay (lookin’ at you ninetails). I guess there’s a difficulty setting for those characters… but it feels really bad to play on Story.