Spoiler- can swarm ascend?

can a swarm that walks ascend to godhood or no?

Last I checked Swarm couldn’t do research projects via Crusade Management. Which would normally prevent the ascention from the secret ending.

Though you still can give you the needed research projects via Toybox. Doing so will make it indeed possible to ascend even as a Swarm if you want that. Unsure if there’s a “Godly Swarm” ending slide tho…

Afaik yes Swarm has its own special ascending slides, and solely the inability to do these few projects in crusade management in Cha 5 prevents you from it. It honestly feels like a bug that Swarm can’t ascend without Toybox

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Probably a direct result of them dropping it into the game a month or two before release without any testing.

The end game paths (minus legend) are such a disappointment.

i know ;c mods are needed